10 Weirdest Beauty Tips That Really Work


Weirdest Beauty Tips

All throughout our lives, we are constantly bombarded with tips and dished advice, some being logical and some weird. Women, especially teenaged girls going through puberty phase are told what to do and what not to do to stay beautiful, fight with beauty problems and stay fit to list a few.

We usually have the tendency to pass it on to someone else. Then they do the same, until everyone starts believing that these tips are actually effective. Fashionlady takes a sneak-peak to see of these following weird tips actually work.

Scroll down to check out 10 weirdest beauty tips you’ve heard.

1. Toothpaste zap pimples

Got a pimple just before any big event? Not to worry. Just dab a little toothpaste on that hateful stuff and leave it overnight Toothpaste acts like an astringent drawing impurities out of the skin.  The paste will dry up the blemish and help kill germs in the affected area.

toothpaste for pimples
Source: pinterest.com

2. Mayonnaise for dry hair

Mayonnaise is a good conditioner for hair. When so many options are already available, why would anyone go for mayo when its smell is enough to spoil your mood. Well, mayo consists of fat oils, which fix the damaged hair follicles by coating them with oil.

Mayonnaise for dry hair
Source: pinterest.com

3. Diaper rash cream for cracked heels and elbows

Yes, it’s true. Even dermatologists believe this as this cream contains moisturizers and anti-inflammatory ingredients, which helps hydrate and repairs the skin.

Diaper rash cream for cracked heels
Source: pinterest.com

4. Dryer sheet for hair static

Using a fresh dryer sheet on hair smoothens out flyaways. Dryer sheets are a great way to control static hair. As this tip is only a temporary solution, so if it’s a particularly dry winter day, stash a few in your purse.

Dryer sheet for hair static
Source: pinterest.com

5. Black tea as sunburn relief

A warm bath in very strong black tea can cure sunburn. The tannins of the tea soak away the sting and swelling. This trick also definitely helps alleviate any burning sensation. Tannic acid in the tea draws the burn out of the skin and helps it heal.


Black tea sunburn relief
Source: pinterest.com

6. Lemon juice as hair color

Lemon juice helps lighten hair naturally. Applying lemon juice before going out in the sun is a sure way to lighten hair. The acid reacting with the sun’s UV rays accelerates the highlighting process.

lemon juice highlightener hair
Source: pinterest.com

7. Urine for acne

Urine works as an astringent on your face to clear up acne. Dr. Sadick, however rubbishes this myth stating that urine does not have any antibacterial agents or anti-inflammatory agents, so the only place your pee belongs is in the toilet.

Urine for acne myth
Source: pinterest.com

8. Olive oil as hair conditioner

Olive oil if applied to the hair before 10 minutes of head bath then it acts as a fabulous conditioner. Also it helps hair grow faster. This oil adds  nutrients and healthy fats to the root. So, using it as a deep conditioning treatment does work to make hair look silkier and shiner.

Olive oil hair conditioner
Source: pinterest.com

9. Potatoes for oily skin

For oily skin, you can run potatoes to your skin.

However, some doctors claim that there is nothing in a potato which can reduce sebum content. Well, it’s up to you to believe it or not because there are still thousands of women who use this home remedy to fight with chip chip skin.

potatos oily skin
Source: pinterest.com

10. Hot pepper sauce for hair growth

(dangerous fact)

Using hot pepper sauce on your roots will help hair grow. Don’t you feel risk in this tip? When we confirmed with experts, we found out that it’s just a rumor. Cayenne pepper has been used as home remedies for centuries.

People believe it helps improve blood circulation to the scalp by applying at the root. But it’s still not clear if someone was actually benefited from this hot tip. Hot pepper sauce is great for food, NOTHING ELSE!


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