15 Ways to Use Tea Light Candles For a Romantic Room Makeover


Use Tea Light Candles
Tea light candles, those dainty little pots that exude a soft glow, are the perfect accessory to set a romantic tone to your evening. You can use them in your room to create a very appealing and romantic atmosphere. Candlelight and romance have had a never-ending affair that has stood the test of time. So much so that candlelight has become synonymous with romance. Candlelit dinners and a Jacuzzi with candlelight around it are all the perfect settings for a romantic date. You can bring this magical air of romance to your room by using the seemingly innocuous tea light candles.

How to Give Your Room a Romantic Makeover with Tea Light Candles

1. Create a cosy corner

Decorate a corner of your room with a divan or a mattress and plush pillows and cushions to create a cosy corner. Place tea light candles in glass jars to create soft romantic lighting. Have a bottle of wine and glasses ready to unwind and cuddle with your loved one.

Create a cosy corner
Source: felt.co.nz

2. Hang some DIY tea light candle chandelier

You can easily make a chandelier that can then be suspended and lit to bathe the room in the soft candle light. The tea light candles will look ethereal and oh-so-romantic suspended from your ceiling.

tea light candle chandelier
Source: interiorhousedesign.net

3. Make a big romantic gesture

If your partner likes being surprised and likes romantic gestures, then why not make one using tea light candles? Here are some ideas.

Make a big romantic gesture
Source: hdwallpapersfind.com

4. Use scented tea light candles

Place scented tea light candles on the floor. They give off a very subtle scent, quite in contrast to the overly strong scent that you might get from regular scented candles. So cover your floor with scented tea light candles, making sure to leave a path for you to walk through. The light and the scent will create a very romantic and very pleasant atmosphere.

tea light candles
Source: shopclues.com

5. Use candle stands to create a visual effect

Use candle stands of varying heights to create an interesting visual effect.

candle stands to create a visual effect
Source: itsabrideslife.com

6. Keep it rustic

Who says romance has to be all about delicate candles and pretty curtains? If you think your loved one would prefer a more rustic feel, you can bring that in with some wood stands. The fire and the wood will give off a very rustic, being-in-the-forest vibe.

Keep it rustic
Source: blogspot.com

7. Create a spa atmosphere

There is nothing that says ‘I love you’ better than pampering your partner, making them feel special. Roll out a yoga mat on the floor and keep some soft towels and scented oils handy. Light up some tea light candles and give your partner a very relaxing massage, allowing them to unwind from all the stress of the day.


8. Attach a wall stand

The simplest and quickest way to give a romantic glow to your room is to have a candle stand nailed to the wall. Anytime you want to create a romantic atmosphere all you have to do is switch of all the electrical lights, light the candles, and put on some soft music to instantly give your room some much needed pizzazz.

Attach a wall stand
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9. ave tea light candles along with fairy lights

Use fairy lights with your candles to create a fantasy land feel. Going over-the-top is how you make an impact.

Have tea light candles along with fairy lights
Source: brisbaneweddingweekly.com.au

10. Flowers, flowers, and flowers

Candles are romantic, but candles and flowers together are the epitome of romance. Make some intricate decoration with your candles and some flowers to set the scene.

Close up of candles and flowers
Source: amazingphotography.me

11. Make your candles float

Tea light candles are so light and dainty that they can float prettily on water. So how about making them float in a big glass bowl or even wine glasses?

Make your candles float
Source: doragrace.com

12. Light and place the candles in front of a mirror

If you don’t have too many candles, one way to make it look like you do, is to place the candles in front of a mirror. The reflection will make the candlelight look grander and give an illusion of there being many more candles.

13. Bring your garden indoors

Bring your potted plants, especially those with flowers, into your room to create a very mystical atmosphere. The earthy fragrances along with the candles will help create the right look.

Bring your garden indoors
Source: tumblr.com

14. Keep unlit candles around your room

Have some scented tea light candles around your room. You don’t have to light them up to enjoy the scent, even unlit candles give off a subtle scent that will help give your room a very inviting, very romantic feel.

15. Place the candles in lanterns

Place your candles in metal or paper lanterns with patterns that will project the light in interesting designs.


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