5 Times Emma Watson Surprised us With Red Lipsticks!!

emma watson lancome red lipstick
Move over guys!! Emma Watson is no more the little Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter series. She is the most eligible and talented actress in Britain. She’s got style, she’s got graze, she’s elegant and all in all, she’s one hell of a woman!!

Her fashion sense, or rather her personal style is so chic and beautiful that there are no two words for it. We just can’t describe how good she looks in anything that she wears. From crop tops to ball gowns, she nails every single look. More than her clothes, we have fallen in love with her hair and makeup. Her perfectly done brows, her beautifully tinted cheeks and her gorgeous lips!

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Here’s a look book of 5 times she blew us with red lips!!!

If only Honey Singh would sing a song and dedicate it to her red lips!!

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Emma Red lipstiks
Emma Watson
Red Lipsticks

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