5 Ways To Look Like A Super Model


Look Like A Super Model
Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Karlie Loss, Cara Delevingne- All very well known supermodels that we know of. They are tall, thin, confident and absolutely beautiful. These women work hard to look the way they do. A lot of effort on their skin care, hair care, body, postures, styles, clothes is put in so that they look like a supermodel.

They get photographed everywhere they go, from their shopping sprees to parties- they need to look tip and top all the time. Not just that, their clothes needs to be a representation of their style, their individuality.

Everybody wants to look and feel like a supermodel, their style, their grace, their popularity make us all very envious of them. So today’s post is all about trying to look like one. With simple efforts and hacks, you could step out of your houses looking like one dazzling supermodel.

1. Style

Style is the most easiest way of showing who you are- what your choices mean and how you make the most of what you have. A shopping stint isn’t required, you just need to start styling your clothes better. Add a jacket here or a handbag there and your outfit just gets a brand new look.

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The supermodels have personal stylists telling them what to pair with what. Well, you can be your own stylists, just look into the mirror, try out a few outfits, then try them on with a printed scarf or a nice big tote bag, you’ll see the difference for yourself. Try your clothes with a belt or a blazer and see how it changes the entire concept of your look.


As quoted by the famous American fashion model, Karlie Kloss “misting her face with rose water in the morning makes her skin look refreshed and moisturised the whole day.” Simple beauty hacks like these will help you look radiant and will take care of your skin. Rose water, for instance works well as a toner, its anti-inflammatory properties reduce redness and cools down your skin.

Drinking enough liters of water will keep your body and skin hydrated which will then get reflected on your face. Your skin need nutrients that will help your skin look better and feel better every day.

These supermodels have regular beauty regimes that help them look this wonderful and radiant. They take special care of their skin cause that’s the building block to looking good. You can apply makeup and boost your complexion but If your skin is already glowing, you’ll need less make up and look more natural. Skin that’s clear and glowing is a way to looking like a supermodel.

2. Hair

Hair care and style is also very essential to looking like one beautiful model. Taking proper care of your skin, with conditioning and oiling, and pampering your hair once in a while with a spa will add life to your hair. Getting your hair trimmed from time to time will trigger growth and prevent your hair from looking dull and lifeless.

Consult a hair stylist before getting a hair cut because he will recommend you styles that are correct for your face, profession, style and also the fashion. Try out different hair style, ponies, buns, plaits- in sync with your attire and look like a supermodel every time you get out of those closed doors.

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Essential to every model is her wardrobe; she shops from all over the world, since travel is entailing her job. She shops from the streets, the store next door, the high fashion brands and also the high flying designers. Their wardrobes are a mix of stuff that they liked and picked up.


This does not mean that supermodels only walk in heels; they have their share of ballerinas and flats, but all that’s stylish.

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5. Make Up

Look good, Feel good- remember this every time, because if you don’t feel good, there is no point in looking good.

Make up gives you the added bounce you require to finish your look. You need to be very careful in picking shades because they need to suit your skin and also be in trend with the season. Be aware of what’s the ongoing trend in makeup because that will help you the most. These supermodels are directly in touch with the makeup artists and hence are well aware of what’s to come.

Pick foundation and Compaq powder of the same shade and that shade should be exactly your skin colour. Do not compromise with a shade darker of lighter cause that’s where your face will look ghostly. Eye shadows, lip colours, blush all need to then be chosen appropriately. Use make up brushes at all time, even to apply your simple lip colours. Line lips with a pencil that matches your natural lip colour, slightly overdrawing them, apply a nude colour lipstick first and then put on your shiny lip glosses.

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I’ve helped you out with ways to look like a supermodel, but the essential bit being that you’ve got to feel like a diva to look like one.


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