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9 Signs That You Are an Independent Woman

by Fashionlady
Signs That You Are an Independent Woman

Signs That You Are an Independent Woman
Is there anything between you and your dreams? If your answer to this very simple question is NO, then you sure know where we are heading. It is the sad truth that this world is still very much a man’s world. We have come extremely far, but we are still struggling. We have reached the zeniths of so many places, but sometimes the world just tries to stop us. When you don’t waver, when your dreams are important and when you know you are powerful- you know that you are a GIRL BOSS. Here are signs of a strong, independent woman:

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1. She Takes Care of Herself

Yes, being a little selfish is good. After all, the world is not only about others. But that does not mean that she ignores the rest. An independent woman knows that when it comes to running the show, the boss has to be in top notch condition. A show can’t run well if the boss is ailing. That is why an independent woman would always pay special attention to herself.

Independent WomanTakes Care of Herself

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2. Career Doesn’t Take a Backseat

Agreed, as a woman she has gazillion responsibilities. There is a family to take care of, a husband and kids or ailing parents or siblings-the responsibilities will come in thousands of sizes. A strong woman will never cringe and never shy away from these duties. But at the same time, she will not let her career go awry. She knows she signed up for it and there would be nothing stopping her.

3. Haters Gonna Hate

Along your climb, you will meet hundreds of people who will spout vitriol on you. A strong woman will not fall prey to this. She will rise above this and will not give it a chance to even rise above her.

Signs are Independent Woman

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4. She is an Inspiration

She is someone who will be a light of inspiration all around. Not only does she inspire herself to be a stronger person, she will also inspire others along the way. She will shake off all your hesitant feelings and help you become a much stronger person.

Independent Woman is an Inspiration

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5. She Will Have A Stronger Person With her Too

Her significant other will also be a strong person. An independent woman has a partner who is strong and believes in her. Together they come out as a strong couple too and together they can accomplish anything.


Independent Woman Will Have A Stronger Person With her Too

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6. She is Always Upgrading Herself

A sure shot sign of an independent woman is the fact that she refuses to halt her learning process. She is continuously learning and reading and upgrading herself to suit the needs of her daily life. They care about what is happening around them and always keep themselves up-to-date.

Woman Always Upgrading Herself

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7. They Take Their Own Sweet Time

Good decisions are never taken on a whim. For an independent woman, it is essential to make the correct decisions and she will always take her time when it comes to making the final choice. Restraint and patience are two virtues that these women imbibe in them.

Independent Woman

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8. Health For Them Is Very Vital

Their entire wellbeing is projected on how fit and healthy they are. An independent woman will thus never let her health take a backseat.

Do you believe in yourself and do you think you display these signs? If your answer to most of the above is a resounding YES, then you sure are a strong, independent woman!

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