A Review On Peel Off Lip Tint And Eyebrow Tattoo

The peel off lip tint and eyebrow tattoo is creating quite a buzz in the beauty world. Well this beauty discovery is pulling the crowd alongside. So how much is too much? This video by Tina Yong will answer most of your questions. She pulls a stint with a lip tint and an eyebrow peel off tattoo and suggests whether you should give these beauty goals a try.

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As shown in the video, the lip peel off tattoo used in the video is drying, so you might want to exfoliate your lips beforehand. The tint comes out just fine. Guess how much Tina Yong rates the product in a scale of 1-10.

Next review is on the eyebrow tattoo. What the video to know yourself.

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Enjoy watching the review on lip tint and eyebrow tattoo.

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