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Animal Flow Workout: A Wild Take On Fitness!

by Fashionlady
Animal Flow Exercises

Animal flow workout

Ever wondered if there is anything such as a ‘no equipment’ workout? Yet it gives you the benefit of cardio and toning exercises.

This is the specialty of the Animal flow workout. The beauty of this animal flow workout routine is that it blasts hard-to-reach bulges in record time.

Well, the body movements – don’t laugh please – have been named in honor of ‘crawly’ creatures such as APES (which is why the word primal) and CRABS, oh-my-god. The aim of this animal workout is to motivate and encourage participants to drop to all fours and get moving.

Says Mike Fitch, the creator of the hot new Animal Flow class at Equinox Fitness Clubs in New York City “You can really tone all those forgotten muscles by mimicking certain primal movements”. Primal movement – wow, that’s the new ‘IT’ word.

The interesting thing is that the primal workout involves animal flow exercises packed with thigh-sculpting squats and chiseling of the abs. All this may look straight out of a safari adventure but when you do it twice a week you will swear by primal movement.

Mike Fitch, NSCA-CPT, a longtime personal trainer in Miami says “Most people don’t spend their workouts on the ground, and they probably haven’t moved around like an animal since they were kids. They’re usually really surprised at how challenging this is.”

Point taken, Mr. Fitch.

So all you Pilates fans reading this post, check out our take on the primal or animal-based workout. News about this wild fitness program of a different league is spreading on the internet like wildfire! Enjoy reading and actioning it out!

Types Of Animal Flow Workout

Shed your weighty fears and kilos as I take you through animal flow workout routine.

1. Vertical Frog Jump:

Target Points: Butt, back, and quads

Who says you are a frog? Relax, you won’t be one. You just need to do a frog jump in vertical patterns to make the most of one of the most fun animal flow exercises.


  • Stand with your feet slightly wider than your shoulder width. Arms should be on your sides.
  • Do a deep squat and put your palms on the floor between your feet.
  • Jump as high as possible and extend your arms overhead.
  • Now softly land in a squat, putting your hands on the floor.
  • Return to the standing position.
  • Do 2 sets of 12 reps.

How did you find this Animal flow workout? Interesting and innovative? Grab more of these animal flow exercises to be in the best of shape.

2. Beast Reach:

Target Points: Shoulders, triceps, abs, hips, butt, and legs.


  • Stand with your feet hip-width apart and toes out.
  • Crouch down, placing palms on the floor to the right of your body (left hand by right foot).
  • Keep palms planted throughout.
  • Jump feet to right.
  • Keeping left knee bent, and right leg straight, land with the left foot between hands.
  • Shift hips to right to reset position (left leg straightens and right knee bends)
  • Place palms on the floor outside of right foot.
  • This completes 1 rep.
  • Do 6 reps; switch directions and repeat. Do 2 sets.

How to make this primal movement easier? Don’t jump, just side-shuffle to right.

4. Stork Seesaw:

Target Points: Back, abs, hips, butt, quads, and hamstrings.


  • Stand with your feet together.
  • Now clasp your arms behind the back.
  • Lift your right knee forward to the hip level, the foot should be in a flexed position.
  • While balancing on left leg, squat slightly.
  • Hinge forward from hips until your back comes nearly parallel to the floor and right heel is in line with your back.
  • Return to the upright stork position and then repeat.
  • Do 12 reps; then switch legs and repeat.
  • Do 2 sets.

How to make this primal workout easier? Just place your hands on your hips.

5. Crab Flip:

Target Points: Back, triceps, butt, and hamstrings.


  • Sit on the floor with your knees bent. Feet should be flat.
  • Now place your palms on the floor behind you. Fingers should point away from the body.
  • Lift your butt 1 to 2 inches above the floor.
  • Raise your right arm overhead as you lift hips off the floor as high (and as much) as possible. The idea is to arch your back.
  • Lower your hips towards the floor and place your right hand down.
  • Make sure that the butt is lifted.
  • Repeat this process with your left arm.
  • Do 2 sets of 12 reps, alternating sides.

6. Ape Squat:

Target Points: Back, shoulders, triceps, abs, quads, butt, and calves.


  • Stand with your feet hip-width apart. Toes should be pointed out.
  • Bend your body to do a deep squat, bend knees out to the sides; reach arms with palms facing out.
  • Maintain the crouching position throughout.
  • Lift your heels off the floor and straighten your torso as you raise arms out to the sides.
  • Make sure you squeeze your shoulder blades together.
  • Lower your arms and heels to start position.
  • Do 2 sets of 12 reps each.

A Word Of Caution:

If you have spinal or joint injuries, then do consult your doctor before attempting animal flow exercises.

Becoming A Certified Instructor:

Yes, you can aim to get an animal flow certification which enables you to join those fitness professionals who have shown their skills and prowess to include animal flow exercises in their training methods.

However, mastering the program is not enough to become a certified instructor of the animal workout. You should be able to successfully coach others.
You can be a Certified Animal Flow Instructor as long as you comply with the Animal Flow Instructor Code of Conduct.

So primate girls (that was a pun!) hope you are reasonably charged reading about animal flow exercises. When do you plan to hit the floor? Don’t forget to share your comments below.

(Inputs are taken from the article originally published in FITNESS magazine, January 2013 and animalflow.com)

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