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Basic Makeup Tutorial Everyone Must Know – Ten Steps To A Flawless You

by Fashionlady
Basic Makeup Tutorial

Basic Makeup Tutorial

We know, when it comes to makeup, some ladies can be really clumsy about it. The thousands of shades and brushes and creams and potions and lotions-if anything in the makeup world freaks you out, then this makeup tutorial is just for you! Exclusively for you!

Here’s A Makeup Tutorial Step By Step

Let us tell you a little secret, ‘MAKEUP is NOT hard’! You just need to get your basics right and you are good to go. That is why we have got you one makeup tutorial step by step so that you can get all the basics right. The key to a flawless looking face is to concentrate on basic makeup lessons before you bring out the big guns. So, let us start!

What You Will Need:

Since we are talking about makeup lessons for beginners, we will not expect you to know everything and get everything that you can find at the drug store. Let’s take it slow and gather all the basic ammo that we will need for a couple of practice sessions. You are free to select any other alternatives to this too!

  • Face wash + facial brush (to remove all the grime you have accumulated on your face)
  • Foundation (choose a colour that matches your skin tone)
  • Beauty blender (This is one item that you should really invest in. It is great to blend makeup on to your skin and should be used ALWAYS!)
  • Concealer (This one is again a necessity in makeup tutorial for beginners. It hides your blemishes and those puffed up eye bags)
  • Setting Powder (M.A.C is the Holy Grail when it comes to the powder fix. This one will ensure that all your makeup stays put-as long as you don’t dip yourself in water)
  • A basic eye shadow palette
Simple makeup tutorial

Source: blogspot.com


The above picture is actually a very easy tutorial and with a simple eye shadow palette and a few brushes, you can easily create this look!

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  • Mascara! Mascara! And Mascara! We cannot emphasize how much your face needs that pop. Mascara will make sure that your eyes look fabulous. Just a dab and you can see that glow!
  • Lip colour of your choice. Now, your routine cannot be over without that pop of colour on your lips right?
Makeup tools for beginners

Source: staticflickr.com

Let’s Get Started!

Now that you have all your ammo in place, let’s start with the most interesting part of your journey!

To begin the makeup tutorial for beginners, the first step is to prep your face and clean off any of the residue that may be there on your face. This will ensure that the makeup sits right on your face. Use your hands or your beauty blender to evenly spread all the foundation on your face. Now, use your concealer to conceal all those spots and blemishes you would not want on your face.

This is the correct way to use the concealer:

Simple makeup tutorials

Source: blogspot.com

This method will ensure that the concealer falls on the right places. There is no need to use concealer on each and every part of your face. Now use your M.A.C finishing powder to set everything in place. This one will hold the makeup longer.

Here is how you can apply it:

Makeup tutorials

Source: theindianbeauty.com

It comes with an easy to use sponge, but you should use a makeup brush instead. Like the one shown above. Now, refer to the eye shadow pictograph above and end it with the swipe of mascara. Dab a little bit of your favourite lip colour and you are good to go!

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