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Basic Wardrobe Items That Can Turn You Into A Supermodel

by Fashionlady
How To Look Like A Supermodel

Basic Wardrobe Items

Most of you know that dressing up like a supermodel every day is really tough. What if we tell you that it is actually not that tough and a few wardrobe essentials is all that you need in order to dress like a supermodel? In this article, we will unravel few of the best kept secrets from models- the way they dress up every day and how they still manage to look chic all the time. You don’t need Fendis and Guccis and Pradas to look like a model. Just a few basic wardrobe items are all you need.

Basic Fashion Items

How To Look Like A Supermodel (On a Budget)

The key to dressing up sharp and smart is to follow a few tips which will work throughout your life. Basic wardrobe items when chosen with care can be a great investment and in face help you to dress like a supermodel all the time. Wardrobe essentials are not many and if you want to dress smart-invest in them. Here are some tips for you:

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Start Small, Start From Scratch

Like we said before, your basic wardrobe items needn’t be all haute couture. You can begin with some basic items which go with everything and build your wardrobe around it. Have a few items which never go out of fashion and then base your other outfits around these basic items. For instance, have a pair of blue jeans, a white T-shirt, some tailored pants (especially the black ones), a little black dress (An LBD can never go out of fashion!), a blazer and a cashmere sweater.

Wardrobe Eessentials

Shop For The Body You Have, Not The Body You Want!

Every once in a while you would like to fit into those tiny jeans that look so good on Miranda Kerr. But remember, everyone’s bodies are not the same and in order to look good and feel confident, it is best to wear what suits YOUR body. To dress like a model, don’t buy clothes that fit a model, instead buy clothes which will fit in to each and every contour of YOUR body. When you are buying something, look for the fit and assess how it will look like even a few months or a year from now. Anticipate the changes in your body and buy your clothes accordingly.


Ways To Look Like A Supermodel
Let’s talk about some of the most essential items you should have in your wardrobe in order to dress like a supermodel-everyday.

A Good Bomber Jacket

Whether you are running errands or just going out of town, your bomber jacket can be quite a savior. You can wear it with jeans or trousers of any colour. They manage to look good with almost every colour! And if you are adventurous enough, you can pair your bomber jacket with shorts too, just like this model below:

Wardrobe Essential

Show Off Those Abs With Some Crop Tops

Crop tops are very in this season and it’s best to give the world a peek of your midriff in these. Wear them with skirts, with palazzos, with dungarees- you name it, and crops are there to make you look chic!

Wardrobe Items For Womens

The Little Red Dress

The black dress is quintessential, but for a stylish lady, it is always good to invest in a little red dress too. Buy one which will show off your curves and hug your body in the right places. Take a look at some of these red dresses which are iconic and will never go out of style!

Fashion Items

A plunge neck dress is always hot and you can accessorize it with nearly anything and it will still look good!

How To look Like a Supermodels

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