Fashionable Bollywood Jet Setters

Fashionable Bollywood Jet Setters Make Powerful Impressions On Us

Airports have become the next best place to spot style and even though we love the red carpet styles and party styles of the celebrities, we definitely could relate more to the travel jackets...
Who Wore Chola Better

Sonam Kapoor or Neha Dhupia? Who Wore Chola Better?

Fashion face-offs are often fun for the viewers but could actually be a celebrity and her stylist’s worst nightmare. If two celebrities are sighted wearing the same label and outfit at different occasions, we,...
Celebs Airport Tips

Savor The Airport Tips Laid Out By B-town Divas Along With Us

From childhood to adolescence, we consider mom and siblings or friends as our inspirational icon while dressing up. But as we start growing up, we look ahead to our celebrities to set a fashion...
Celebrity Weekend Fashion

Take Away Snippets Of Weekend Fashion For Fun And Glamour

To cast away your Monday blues, we are back with the fashion snippets of B-town from the weekend. Just like how some of us lazed around, and some caught up with old friends during...
B town Celebs

Contrasting Airport Looks : Which One Do You Prefer?

B-town celebs are in and out of the airport all year round and we get lucky to sport and copy their airport looks. Recently two celebs spotted at the airport had looks at two...
Bollywood Celebritess Who Wore What

Check Out The Best Of ‘Who Wore What’ During The Week

Now-a-days, the world doesn’t seem to sleep, be it in the world of fashion, cinema or business, don’t you think? With every start of the day, a fresh set of events that tap in...
Bollywood Celebs

Wake Up To The Fashion Walk Of The Weekend

C’mon Fashionlady followers, we decided to make your browsing easier and much more fun. This time, we have brought together the ‘Who Wore What’ of the weekend for you to compare, compliment and celebrate...

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