• Wear Safe Outfits During Your Pregnancy

    Pregkart | Fashionlady

    Feel safe and comfortable during the special days of Motherhood in these latest technology oriented outfits. Crafted from a special yarn, the radiation safe clothing reduces the harmful radiations emitted from cordless and other devices. Very innovative, isn’t it?

    Don’t wait any longer. Pick a pair of crepe Palazzo pants and top it with a checkered Poncho. Line it in with a skin toned camisole and a non-wired feeding bra.

    The high quality soft fabric allows for good breathing and absorbs well, keeping your skin happy and cool.

  • Go Healthy And Organic When Pregnant

    Pregkart | Fashionlady

    Contemplating on what to wear during pregnancy that also gives some space around the legs to walk in comfort? Pick the organic maternity skirt with a side slit and adjustable elastic at the front and back of the waistline. It absorbs the sweat quickly, keeping you healthy and comfortable. Keep going organic and add a deep green organic top with peacock prints.

    And once the little toddler is out of the bun, you can add a magical scarf with floral prints which serves as a good nursing cover too. And don’t forget to wear the non-wired feeding bra underneath, suiting the nursing phenomena.

    It is convenience and comfort, all put-together.

  • Look Fabulous With The Preg Pooch

    Pregkart | Fashionlady

    Happy days ahead!!!!!!!!

    Wear this angelic princess white maternity dress, to look like a ‘Perfect 10’ even with the pregnancy bump. To add a bit of color, drape the fine printed navy maternity scarf. Pick a white camisole to go along underneath the dress, that is soft and snugly to your body shape.

    Shimmer it off with any classy flat footwear that you have which cater to the swelling feet.

    Look doll-like at any party with this outfit, and keep the blush of pregnancy lighting you up like a firebrand.