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Here are big list of diy videos of how to dress, how to cut tshirts, how to do bridal makeup, how to do hairstyle for short and long hair and more. Watch these videos and become a pro.

Latest Stainless Mascara

Should You Try The Latest Stainless Mascara?

Hourglass New Curator Lash Instrument mascara is made of thin stainless steel and is 100% brushless. It does not feature the traditional bristles but contains a steel tip to help reach out to every...
How To Tackle Frizzy Hair

How To Tackle Frizzy Hair

Tackling frizzy hair can get downright annoying. The dry frizzy ends never let you create the desired hairstyle. But there are solutions for taming frizzy hair, if you set to follow it accordingly. In...
How To Braid Your Own Hair

How To Braid Your Own Hair In 12 Unique Ways

Though braid tutorials look simple to create or define, most of them are not easy to attain. While we love the way they look in the pictures, we often find it really hard to...
Crown Braid

Crown Braid Step By Step Tutorial

Crown braids are always pleasing to the eye and if you thought you cannot do it on your own, then this video will prove you wrong. This video is the easiest hair tutorial on...
Skin Care Routine

Skin Care Routine To Follow Religiously In Your 20s

Aging is the most annoying factor of a woman’s life. But we have to face it, isn’t it? Aging brings along with it multiple tags like skin dullness, wrinkles, fine lines and pigmentation. With...
Ginger For Hair Growth

4 Helpful Ways To Use Ginger For Hair Growth

Ginger is not only an absolute must-have ingredient in your kitchen, but it is also essential for hair growth. It is said to contain stimulating properties that promote hair growth and prevent all skin...
Wedding Manicure Shades

Wedding Manicure Shades That You Need To Try

Let’s face it! The perpetual wedding season will hover around our head all year long, some of which would be mandatory for you to attend. Whether you are the bride herself or the new...
Flares Are Back

The 70s Flares Are Back And Here Is How You Style Them Right

Flares are hitting high waves. One of the most popular bottoms we saw in the 70s and even now are the flares. This bell bottoms is perfect for tall girls. But even if you...
Tips To Hide Belly Bloat

Eight Tips to Hide Belly Bloat

We are sure that there are many women out there willing to do anything to get rid of that extra paunch. It is vital to know that this bloating is caused due to overeating,...
Way To Apply False Lashes

Easiest Way To Apply False Lashes

Applying eye lashes is a technique in itself and most of us are yet to master this art. Wrong application of lashes can altogether ruin one’s semblance. Worry not, as we can assure you...

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