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Here are big list of diy videos of how to dress, how to cut tshirts, how to do bridal makeup, how to do hairstyle for short and long hair and more. Watch these videos and become a pro.

Gold Foil Nail Art

How To Create Gold Foil Nails

Accessories doesn’t always mean sprucing up on shoes, bags and jewels. It could also mean adorning and decorating nails. Nail art is the perfect way of pampering and tending of nails that most women...
Styling Stripes

Tips To Keep In Mind While Styling Stripes

Stripes are big this season and you have seen many Bollywood celebrities sporting this trend. But there is one question for you? How well are you acquainted with wearing it the right way? These...
Zendaya Sharing Her Best Makeup Tips

Catch A Glimpse Of Zendaya Sharing Her Best Makeup Tips

There has been no occasion where Zendaya has not slayed the red carpet in her stylish avatar. The world is crazy over this young starlet and why not. In this video, you get a...
Chambray Shirt

How To Create Different Variations With The Same Chambray Shirt

The chambray shirt is a popular wardrobe staple and is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing ever created. It is perfect for several occasions. It can be stylistically paired with denims, office...
Lifted Ponytail

A Different Version of Lifted Ponytail Tutorial

Ponytails and the good old childhood days have a memorable story, isn’t it? We all wore those cutesy ponytails all through our school days, teenage days, and we die to wear it till this...
Crimped Hairstyle

Discover How To Create Crimped Hairstyle

Crimped hairstyle has steadily made its way back into the style chart. If you are interested in learning how to make this hairdo, then you need to check out this video. This is not...
Half-up Rope Braid

How To Learn The Ropes Of Half-Up Rope Braid

There are a number of tutorials already done on fishtail braid, French braid and all traditional three braid strand. This video is a feature on half-up rope braid. The rope braid is generally referred...
Maxi Dress In Different Styles

How To Style 1 Maxi Dress In 7 Different Styles

The maximum wear limit of maxi dress for most girls is one or two times. After wearing it for special events, they don’t ever want to be seen again with it. Now, it is...
How To Apply Matte Lipstick

9 Basic Rules On How To Apply Matte Lipstick

Matte lipstick is not a discovery. But recently beauty bloggers collided to take matte to the next level. And here we are; stumbling upon a video made on how to apply matte lipstick. Matte...
Best Beauty Hacks

10 Best Beauty Hacks Suggested By The Best Beauty Experts

We cannot seem to get enough of beauty hacks tutorials. The more we watch, the more we learn. This one here is supreme. We tell you why. First it has ten solid hacks that...

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