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Choosing The Right Bra For Your Wedding Cholis

by Fashionlady
Right Bra For Your Wedding Cholis

Right Bra For Your Wedding Cholis

You may have splurged on the latest Manish Malhotra or Sabyasachi bridal wear, however, that’s on the outside. As the old adage goes “Beauty is inside out”, the same holds true when looking and dolling up your best for the D-Day. In short, without proper support for your breasts, irrespective of who designed your lovely wedding choli or the trousseau, if the fit isn’t right and the breasts aren’t cupped and kept well in place, the show-stopping effect would be amiss!

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Find The Right Bra For The Choli You Plan To Wear

A popular Bollywood song “Choli ke peeche” may have the clues you need, or maybe not. But in all seriousness, it is the bra you choose to wear that would bring in the comfort and grace for the big day ahead. Don’t end up as one of the women wearing the wrong bra size, which not only is unhealthy for the breasts, but wouldn’t allow you the comfort while the night long rituals are on.

Find the right bra for the choli

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How To Find The Right Band Size

Indian women (almost all) are blessed with the best endowment when it comes to cup sizes. There are opinions thus by famous bra and lingerie experts on which bra size or shape or style for that matter, would suit the bride. But the old fashioned way of trying it on before buying them, is actually worth it.

Find right band size

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When you try on a sample bra, you would get to know instantly if the band size is too large, too small or just perfect. In not doing so, you would end up making one of the biggest errors in choosing bras. Don’t blame yourself and get all harsh when your cholis don’t bring out the oomph factor you desired!

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Bra fitting guide

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Measuring The Band Size

  • An expert bra designer would first measure your chest (around it)
  • The next step would be to measure under the breasts
  • Finally, the tape would go around the back for measurement sake

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While measuring, the tape would sit flat on the surface of the body, and when it goes back, it shall do so in a straight line. They would add a ballpark figure of plus five inches to the actual measurement, or sometimes just three inches too, to find out the real BAND SIZE on you.

Measuring the band size

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Should you end up with an uneven number, calculate to the next number to make it even. This is because the band sizes with Indian bras mostly come in even numbers.

Measuring The Cup Size

This is a tricky concept, and the best thing to do would be to try on various bras to know which one would cup best.

  • Find an expert to help you with the measurement
  • The tape should touch the top of the peak point of the breasts
  • If you want to wear a padded bra, go ahead and do so, keeping in mind under your choli you would be wearing a padded bra on D-Day
  • Make a note of the measurement and notice the difference between the size of the band and the number you get at the peak of the breast
  • This is your cup size
Measurments for fitting bra

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We hope this information makes good reading sense, enabling you to pick up the right bra to wear under your embellished choli. Moreover, it is comfort that matters the most, which is why choosing the right bra makes all the difference!

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