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Debunking Nonsense About The Iodine Hair Removal Technique

by Fashionlady
Iodine Baby Oil Hair Removal

Okay, so how many of you have fallen for the iodine hair removal trick, which has seemed to have taken the social media world by storm in the past few years? If the iodine hair removal actually worked, it would have shut shop for many cosmetic companies that deal with hair removal services and products – ever thought about it? Iodine is an antiseptic for sure, and surgeons use it before they start operating on the patient. But that doesn’t mean iodine is a hair remover! Don’t believe us? Here’s proof to show you what real women across the world have to say.

baby Oil For Ladies

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The Iodine And Baby Oil Hair Remover

Youtube and other sources have waxed eloquent about the iodine baby oil hair removal, and some have shown amazing results too – thumbs up to the scammers that want a high TRP on their profiles. Chances are, the same wouldn’t work for you – if it does, please do send us a detailed video on the same and show us how you did it too – we would love sharing that with the world.

Iodine and Baby Oil Hair Remover

source: blogspot.com

Courtnie from Beautybakes1.blogspot.in, is an avid trier of such DIY beauty regimes and she did try the iodine and baby oil to remove body hair trick, but it didn’t work. Here’s what she has to say “Nothing. Literally nothing changed, except my legs are now all greasy from the oil and my one hand is slightly orange. I’m so pissed out! 10 bucks wasted! Save yourselves the trouble and don’t do this. Crud, I really wanted this to work. Oh well, back to shaving, I guess.”


If that isn’t proof enough that such regimes with hair removals are myths and scams, here’s another one. Justalittleblush.wordpress.com’s author is an avid fashion and beauty blogger and here’s what she has to say, “I’m really perplexed by how this is being believed by anyone at all. There is nothing in iodine or baby oil that would cause your hair follicle to break down and the hair to fall out. All you’re going to do is stain your skin with the iodine. In fact when I googled the mixture I found out that baby oil and iodine used to be used as a homemade self-tanner! Do yourself a favor and skip this one unless you’re looking to sport the oily oompa loompa look this season.”

Enough Of The Debunking

Here’s a real way to learn how to make homemade hair removals. For this, you would need a tablespoon of lime juice concentrate, a cup of raw sugar, a tablespoon of water, and a tablespoon of cornstarch. In a medium sized pot placed on low heat, add the sugar and allow it to gently melt. To this melted sugar, add a cup of water quickly and let it stir until thick. Remove from the flame and now add the lime juice, and allow it to rest until room temperature takes over. With a wooden spoon, scoop a little of the mixture and apply it on the surface of the skin where the hair needs to be removed. Press the mixture down and apply a cloth strip over the same. Now against the hair growth, pull the strip of cloth – the hair would come off.

make homemade hair removals

source: pinimg.com

That is how you use sugar and lemon to create your own wax strips at home. If you know of any method that allows hair removal without waxing, do write in. However, if you are going to show us one from sources across social media, we would ask you to check back and do your homework to find the original source – we tried looking for the original source for days at end for the iodine hair removal tale, and couldn’t find one – others too across the social media said the same.

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