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Designer Dresses Vs Nature: Worth a Standing Ovation!

by Fashionlady
Famous Designer Dresses Inspired By Nature

Designer Dresses Vs Nature
Nature lovers owing to their habit love nature. They don’t spare time in looking after and nurturing the nature from the root to the tip. Now imagine wearing nature-toned designer dresses. It’s nothing short of a designer inspiration.

Liliya Hudyakova

Ever heard of the Russian artist Liliya Hudyakova’s photo series titled “Fashion and Nature”? The most interesting thing about it is that her designed outfits reflect nature and natural views, giving an impression that the nature was the prime inspiration behind the outfits designed. The dresses look so awesome and convincing that it looks a piece or cut out from the nature.

It goes without saying that these nature-inspired designer dresses are true renditions of art. And it’s true. What better way to get enthused by nature? After all, we all live in a beautiful world which we are yet to take notice of. Imagine watching the stars or the sunset or going to a lovely place. All these can brighten you up with positive vibes. It’s such a pity that despite living in big and space-cramped cities we are so occupied with work and our everyday tasks that we tend to overlook the beauty and various facets of nature that surround us. Thankfully, courtesy the Russian artist Liliya Hudyakova, we can turn to nature for ramp designs.

We all know that owing to rain, wind and mud, nature ends up spoiling our spectacular dresses. But Liliya has proved it otherwise in her series “Fashion & Nature”. In the “1 + 1” project of hers, she combines dresses with the grandness of nature. In fact, such is the mode of inspiration for the designer that the resemblance is strange yet awesome.

Carolina Herrera Fall 2015 RTW & Rice Field of Yunnan, China by Isabelle Chauvel

Carolina Herrera Fall 2015 RTW

Source: boredpanda.com

Elie Saab S/S 2015 & Oceanscape Photography

Elie Saab vs Oceanscape Photography

Source: boredpanda.com

Elie Saab F/W 2014/15 & Pink Lake, Australia

Elie Saab and Pink Lake

Source: boredpanda.com

Giambattista Valli F/W 2014/15 & Wisteria

Giambattista Valli and Wisteria

Source: boredpanda.com

Elie Saab S/S 2014 & Sunset

Elie Saab vs Sunset

Source: boredpanda.com

Monique Lhuillier S/S 2014 & Fire In The Sky in California by Aydin Palabiyikoglu

Monique Lhuillier vs Fire In The Sky

Source: boredpanda.com

Gosia Baczynska S/S 2014 & Beautiful Fields

Gosia Baczynska and Beautiful Fields

Source: boredpanda.com

Christian Siriano and Sandy Beach

Source: boredpanda.com

Jason Wu S/S 2013 & Starry Night “Silhouettes” by Harry Finde

Jason Wu and Starry Night

Source: boredpanda.com

Jean Louis Sabaji S/S 2013 & Clouds

Jean Louis Sabaji vs Clouds

Source: boredpanda.com


Yiqing Yin F/W 2012/13 & Sea surface

Yiqing Yin vs Sea surface

Source: boredpanda.com

The Blonds F/W 2012 & Mountains

Blonds vs Mountains

Source: boredpanda.com

Elie Saab S/S 2012 & Tropical Beach

Elie Saab vs Tropical Beach

Source: boredpanda.com

Stephane Rolland S/S 2012 & Valley of the Glaciers – Satellite Image Of Patagonia (Chile) By NASA

Stephane Rolland and Valley of the Glaciers

Source: boredpanda.com

Alexander McQueen S/S 2012 & First Snow Fall In Minnesota, USA

Alexander McQueen vs First Snow Fall In Minnesota

Source: boredpanda.com

Aquilano Rimondi S/S 2012 & Ocean Waves

Aquilano Rimondi and Ocean Waves

Source: boredpanda.com

Blanka Matragi S/S 2012 & Ocean

Blanka Matragi vs Ocean

Source: boredpanda.com

Emilio Pucci F/W 2011 & Rainy Mountains

Emilio Pucci vs Rainy Mountains

Source: boredpanda.com

Bottega Veneta S/S 2010 & Stormy Sky

Bottega Veneta vs Stormy Sky

Source: boredpanda.com

Alexander McQueen S/S 2010 & Autumn Leaves

Alexander McQueen and Autumn Leaves

Source: boredpanda.com

Gucci F 2004 & Green Field

Gucci F 2004 vs Green Field

Source: boredpanda.com

Hope you have been enormously overwhelmed by Liliya’s nature-blessed thoughts on fabrics (if you were to compare the dresses on the left and the photographic equivalent of it on the right). Share this with your friends and family and show them how creativity can cross all imagination. Let us know how you found it too.

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