How To Make Your Clothes Smell Good – 10 Ways To Do So


How To Make Your Clothes Smell Good

It’s nice to open the wardrobe door, and get lovely costumes staring at you. It’s better to get a whiff of clean and fresh smell. Ever thought about how to make your clothes smell good? During the rainy season, closets and clothes end up getting stale giving foul smell. Top it all, there is nothing worse than wearing smelly clothes and ending up seeing frowned faces.

How To Keep Your Clothes Fresh

Well, there are quite many ways how to keep your clothes fresh. You just have to be aware of the methods to keep clothes smelling fresh after washing. Here are some for you.

Launder Your Clothes After Each Wear

This might be a simple tip, but an important one. Yes, ideally you should launder your clothes after a single wear, and not get carried away by the thought of sending your clothes to laundry after double or triple wear.

Jeans is an exception. Frequent washing of jeans breaks the denim. It’s perfectly fine if you wash your jeans after second wear.

How To Keep Your Clothes Fresh

Use Fragrant Laundry Detergent

One of the ways to make your clothes smell good and fresh is by using a fragrant laundry detergent. Try and avoid using ordinary soap. You can go for alternatives such as Wisk, Lux, Eva or Imperial Leather.

Keep Clothes Smelling Fresh After Washing

Fabric-Wrapped Soap

Put it into a drawer or place it on a closet shelf, soap bars will bring their aroma to the space they are tucked in. In fact, stronger scented soap is one of the ways of how to make your clothes smell good.

Ways To Make Your Clothes Smell Good

Bergamot Linen Spray

One of the ways to make your clothes smell good is a linen spray. It is a great way to add scent to your clothes, linens, and furniture. All you need to do is decide upon your favorite essential oil to customize the spray.

Linen Spray

Leave Your Closet Open

When you leave your closet open, particularly in rainy season, it can help ease out unpleasant closet odors. This is one of the promising ways to make your clothes smell good.

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Closet Open

Lavender Sachets

Overly perfumed sachets are a big no no when it comes to how to keep your clothes fresh. Lavender sachets are there to give a light scent to the clothes in your wardrobe.

Lavender Sachets

Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds have a tendency to absorb foul odours. So if you want to get rid of stink in your clothes, then place a can of grounds in your closet. Poke a few holes in the container having coffee grounds, close the lid and then keep it in the wardrobe. Keep changing the can once a month.

Signature Fragrance

Walk Through Your Perfume

After you have applied perfume to your pulse points, do one more thing. Spritz it into the air and walk through it. Don’t spray it into your clothes directly as that can cause stains. A tiny spritz is safe for your clothes. Moreover, even after your fragrance fades away from your skin, your clothing items will still have it.

Apply Perfume

Hope you have got a fair idea of how to keep your clothes fresh. Do write in your comments and tell us your views.


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