DIY How To Make Fringe Shoes

Fringe fashion style is getting on and you certainly need to own it. Lots of tutorials on fringe cut clothes have been shared already so we thought how about showing you a different take this time. Highly inspired by the massive popularity, we are presenting this DIY video on how to make fringe shoes.

Let’s Get Started With Fringe Fashion Footwear

Fringe fashion footwear bring a toss of sassiness to your look. A pair of shoes with ankle straps would work right for this tutorial. Now let us quickly look into the things that we will need to create this.

You will need

  • Ankle strap shoes
  • Scissors
  • E600 Adhesive Glue
  • Fabric
  • Measuring Tape
  • Chalk| Marker

We recommend that you choose a suede fabric if you want an exact replica shown in the video. Buy minimal meter of fabric as you will need just a small piece of it. Apply the glue along the fringe cut fabric and the shoe strap for better support.

Hope you enjoy watching this tutorial.

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