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Dry And Brittle Hair Treatment You Must Try

by Fashionlady
brittle hair treatment

dry brittle hair treatment

Fed up of the false promises made by big brands and experts, telling you that their concoctions and ideas would help with brittle hair treatment? We hear you loud and clear. But first, here’s to making you understand that dry hair isn’t a type of hair, it is a condition which can be reversed and treated. You don’t have to spend a bomb to stop the stripping of natural hair oils, so here are ways with brittle hair treatment, which work like magic. So, let’s get started with ideas on how to fix dry hair.


Dry hair care

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Very Dry Hair Treatment Tips

Let’s get started with the ideas:

Keep In Mind The Weather And Climes

More often than not we tend to ignore the climes we live in or the seasons, both which can actually play havoc with our hair. Before indulging in dry, damaged or brittle hair treatment, we would ask you to check if you are overexposing your hair too much to the UV rays of the sun, if you swim a lot or use hair styling products that have plenty of alcohol in it, or maybe live in climes to dry and patchy, wintry too.

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Have You Recently Got Chemical Treatments Done?

If you’ve chemically smoothened your hair and haven’t given around half a month before a touch up or another treatment for the hair, chances are your hair turns limp, dead, dull and dry sooner, brittle too. For sure these hair treatments can work wonders to attain a dreamy look, but if you are too frequent with the same there would be plenty of build-up of proteins in the hair and on the scalp; makes the hair turn brittle.

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Hormones To Be Blamed

This is especially when you are undergoing your cycle every month or when you are expecting; hormones would be playing havoc with the hair condition and type. Even the use of birth control pills and menopause can affect the hair type and condition, and for such cases, we would ask you to speak to your doctor and an expert trichologist to help you with the same.


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Are You Using The Right Shampoo?

Sometimes we tend to pick up shampoos that promise to help with dry brittle hair treatment, and because a celebrity says so. Stop doing that. You shouldn’t even be using someone else’s shampoo, since not all hair types are alike. It would be best to rinse your hair with plain water and get some dirt or oil done away with, rather than have the wrong shampoo used, dry brittle hair can happen with the wrong shampoo used!

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Stop Brushing Your Hair When Wet or Damp

If need be, shampoo and shower the night before to avoid running to work with wet hair, but never comb your hair when wet. The hair strands when wet are the weakest, and this makes the hair brittle and dry over time. You must use a leave on conditioner or spray a little apple cider vinegar on the hair to detangle the knots and for a smooth shine to come around.

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Heat Matters

There are many DIY ways to tame frizzy and wavy hair, only if you read our previous posts you would know that. However, when using straightening irons and curling tongs, your hair is robbed of precious moisture. You should always use the lowest heat with serum applied to the hair, and then use cold waves to set the hair. This helps protect the moisture and the hair doesn’t turn brittle.

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