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Easy Small Muggulu Designs For Sankranthi 2022

by Fashionlady
Small Muggulu Designs For Sankranthi

Rangoli Designs are very famous for Indian Festivals like Makar Sankranthi, New Year, Deepavali, and Dussehra.

Small Muggulu Designs

Rangoli as you know is a “folk” art form. It is known by many names in different languages. The Telugu name of Rangoli is ‘Muggulu’, whereas the Tamil name is ‘Kolam’.

The beauty of muggulu, kolam and rangoli designs is that they all come in different ideas and concepts. You get a wide variety of sankranthi muggulu designs, chukkala muggulu or rangoli muggulu in the Telugu form. There are muggulu designs with dots and sometimes small muggulu designs without dots.

Sankranthi Muggulu Design

No doubt the canvas and beauty of sankranthi muggulu designs is huge. That’s why, they remain popular attractions of the 4-day sankranti festival. It means that the joy of making muggulu is too vast for it to end in a single day!

Sankranthi Muggulu Designs


Do you know the latest about muggulu designs?

Muggulu Rangavalli Designs Telugu 2022 are available on Androids Apps on Google! Hurray for the mobile-savy Muggulu fans.

The Powder Used In Muggupindi:

Now what is muggupindi?

It is a mixture of calcium and /or chalk powder used for creating exquisite and unique muggu patterns.

The muggupindi is a slightly heavy powder which falls across the wet earth and stays in its form while being used. The powder flows “smooth” and “even” as one draws lines and curves of the muggu designs (which is great).

During festival time, rice flour is used to make the muggu instead of the muggupindi (calcium and chalk powder).

Why so?

Because rice is considered an offering to the sparrows, ants, and insects that hopefully feed on them.

Call it a plus or a characteristic, small muggulu designs are not created by special people, but by commoners. And the best part is that no formal training is required to learn and acquire this art. From generation to generation and from friend to friend, the art of muggu creation is happily transferred.

The Importance Of Muggu During Festivals:

Makar Sankranti as you know usually falls on January 14 – the next day after the Lohri. The Sun’s movement into Capricorn (Makara) constellation is taken to be very important. Plus, it marks the beginning of a 6-month period of the auspicious time of Sun’s northern course.

The one month before Makara Sankranti is known as ‘Dhanurmaasam’. With the coming of Telugu Dhanurmaasam, every house in Andhra Pradesh – be it towns or villages are decorated with white and coloured geometrical patterns of muggu.


Here Are Some Examples of Sankranti Muggulu :

Kalasham Muggu:
Kalasham Muggu

Ratham muggu with harvest symbols around it:

Ratham Muggu

Sankranthi muggu:
Sankranthi Muggu

The chariot (ratham) muggu drawn during Sankranthi:

Chariot Ratham Muggu


Muggu patterns are not only huge, they are complicated during festival months. The temples too have complex patterns covering thousands of square feet. Many women are involved creating the sankranthi muggulu designs, chukkala muggulu, rangoli muggulu, bringing in team work for speed.

Group muggu execution

Best Sankranthi Muggulu

Types Of Muggu:

What is the main outstanding feature of any muggu design?

It has geometrical patterns or dots joined by lines or curves that have a mathematical calculation.

A muggu pattern also means that ancient Indian women had a good balance of artistic and arithmetic traits which they expressed in the muggu drawing patterns.

Let’s get a closer view of types of muggu:

1. Chukkala Muggulu (dot designs):

In this pattern, dots are arranged in a specific sequence. Rather, in a matrix form where the dots are at an equal distance from each other. These dots are joined by either lines or curves, thus creating different muggu designs. Doesn’t this look straight from geometry class? You bet, it does!

Some chukkala muggulu designs on paper (HAND SKETCHED):

Chukkala Muggulu

White muggu powder is used to create stars, in a matrix of dots that are later on filled with coloured rangoli powder.

Chukkala Muggu

This is how the completed chukkala muggulu look like.

Latest Muggulu

Want to see how chukkala muggulu done in plain white rangoli powder look like when created in the courtyard of a home?

Chukkala Muggulu

2. Chukkalu leni Muggulu (Designs without dots):

As goes the name, the dots are missing. These designs are similar to free hand drawings of lines and curves.

Check out these examples of chukkaluleni muggulu:

Chukkalu leni Muggulu


3. Tippudu Muggulu (Curved Designs):

It starts by creating a matrix of dots (at an equal distance from each other). Then twisted chains are created around the dots. Thereby creating symmetrical muggu patterns.

See how tippudu muggulu looks like –

Tippudu Muggulu

Now that I have built up the excitement around rangoli muggulu, let us see how we can get our creative energies flowing on the floor in the form of muggulu designs.

1. Muggulu as you know is drawn in front of the house early morning every day. This is considered a very important aspect that symbolises the ‘inviting’ appeal.

Rangoli Muggulu

Source: teluguone.com

2. This Rangavalli drawn in front of the house bears similarity to the entire family. Call it nature-defining or family-strengthening sankranthi muggulu designs.

Sankranthi Best Muggulu Designs

Source: teluguone.com

3. Check this Telugu Ranga Vallikalu with Dots. To simplify it, muggulu designs with dots. Doesn’t it look like an artist’s vision drawn in a colourful way?

Muggulu Designs with Dots

Source: teluguone.com

Watch this video below to get a visual experience of how to create floral rangoli design.

Hope your flair for drawing small muggulu designs has got a new breath of energy.

Which ones will you draw out of the ones shown this Makar Sankranthi?

Tell us in the comments below!

Images Source: dsource.in

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