Top 5 Easy-To-Follow 3 Day Detox Diets To Cleanse Your System

3 day detox diet

Detox diets are all over the internet today and almost everyone is intrigued to give the magic formula a try. But what is it that is making the detox diets so popular? Well, definitively, these diets are a way to recharge, rejuvenate and renew your body. And the best part is that almost everybody can benefit from this internal cleansing. The diet makes your body feel like it is coming out of what might be called hibernation. It’s a sure shot way you can jump start your body for a more active, fit and healthier life.

There are a number of such detox diets available and each one has it its own pros and cons. Specifically it is the shorter detox diets like the 3 day detox diets that can make a more massive impact on how you feel for weeks afterwards. With a 3 day detox diet plan, not only is weight loss inevitable, as you will lose excess fluid, but the internal cleanse will reset your energy, improve your general concentration and also clear up any skin niggles you might have been stressed about.

3 day detox diet plan

Ready To Feel Great Again?

The basic idea behind a 3 day water detox diet is to give your body a much needed break, freeing up energy so that your body cells, tissues and other organs can work efficiently once again. We are not advising diving in at the deep end straight away because we understand that these things take time. But, trust us when we say it, you will get better results if you do some preparatory work first, so we strongly recommend putting in a few strategies at least five days before actually starting off with the diet plan. This involves ticking off certain types of foods, along with undertaking a few lifestyle changes. Once you’re past this, be rest assured you are just three days away from a new you!

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So, having said that we thought our readers could do with some handy to-do advice and some simple after-care tips that can help you through your detox diet.

3 day detox diet plan for women


Prepare For Your Detox Cleanse With These Top Tips:

  1. Sleeping more is a prerequisite for renewal and rejuvenation of your body so around eight to nine hours of sleep can support your immune system and even nourish your cognitive health.
  2. Say goodbye to sugar before starting the detox, this will dehydrate you and deplete your body of those extra calories.
  3. Limiting wheat would do away with all your worries related to digestive discomfort and help in reducing some extra cals.
  4. Drink up and keep your body hydrated with water. Around 1.5 liters per day should help to flush out toxins, clear your skin and reduce bloating. Aiming to cut caffeine too helps release the stress hormone cortisol, which in turn decreases abdominal fat. You can actually kick start your digestive system by drinking a cup of lukewarm water with lemon first thing in the morning.

3 day detox diet plan for girl

Types Of Detox Diets Available

Having discussed all about detox diets, we thought we should walk our readers through the Top five 3 Day Detox Diets that can help detoxify your body. Here they are:

1. 3 Day Detox Apple Diet

This type of detox plan comes under the short term detox diets that help you achieve a body cleanse and loose a couple of kilos quick and without much effort. In this diet plan you are allowed to consume only apples! Yes, you read it right. Intake of liquid is limited to water and hot green tea. After 3 day consumption of apples, end the day with two-three tablespoon castor oil.

3 day detox diet plan weight loss

2. 3 Day Fruit And Vegetable Detox Diet Plan

In this type of no-meat detox plan, one has to follow a strict fruit and vegetable diet for 3 days that eventually helps you feel fitter and refreshed at the end of the regime. The no-processed, no-sugar, no-caffeine and no-dairy diet helps flush out toxins, clear congestion in the intestines and give a boost to your liver! This detox plan is specifically aimed at working on your liver. So, if the poor chap has taken a hit over the holidays, give it a break with this detox diet.

3 day detox cleanse diet plan

3. 3 Day Liquid Detox Diet

This detox diet ensures that you are made to live on liquids for at least 3 days to ensure that your body gets that much deserved break from junkies. Just so you know, soups do come under liquids for this diet. Some good news, right?

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3 day fruit and vegetable detox diet plan

4. 3 Day Master Cleanse Detox Diet

This detox diet is the ultimate diet for people who want to lose weight almost instantly. A huge hit among celebrities, this diet shows some pretty amazing result. With 6 glasses of lemonade each day, maple syrup and laxative teas this master cleanse diet not just aids in weight loss but also helps bring a fresh glow on your face.

5. 3 Day Smoothie Detox Diet

This type of detox diet is the best 3 day detox cleanse diet for anyone who hates feeling any less than full after a meal. Smoothies are great fillers and the fibre helps work up your clunky digestive tract.

3 day liquid detox diet

If you diligently follow the 3 day detox diet plan, weight loss is inevitable and it should also help you get the most out of the plan you are opting for! Keep detoxing and share your weight loss journey with our readers!

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