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Facts About Nauvari Sarees That Would Make You Buy One Immediately!

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Nauvari Saree

Nauvari Saree

Timeless, seductive, and graceful some of the many adjectives we could use for the nauvari saree. Also known as the elegant Maharashtrian Nauvari style of saree draping, the nauvari saree for many centuries has stood the test of time.

Readymade Nauvari Saree

It has come down from one generation to another, and mothers have taught their daughters how to, with ease, drape the nauvari saree. And of course, our bollywood divas too time and again have flaunted this fabulous ethnic style, so it is pretty hard to resist not to wear the style when grand occasions happen.

Readymade Nauvari Saree

Our bollywood stars have shown us how the rich authentic maharastrian treat can drape our bodies and make us look elegant and one of a kind too. And if the beauty of the readymade nauvari saree or traditional versions do not leave you captivated, maybe it’s historical records would. Here are some facts about the nauvari saree which you should know about.

Priyanka in Nauvari Saree


1. When the maratha women went to war (yes they fought alongside men against the invaders), they wore this saree. This helped them move around freely and hence the birth of the draping happened, for which the saree also became popular

Nauvari Saree Collection


2. There are other names of the saree, not just nauvari- some call it lugada, others call it kaastha and then there are many that refer to it as the sakachcha saree too. The nine yard length is what gives the name to the garment, hence nauvari!

Peshwai Nauvari Saree

3. This is the only saree that does not need support from any other garment, and hence is known as the akanda vastra. No petticoats are used under the nauvari saree when it is worn.

Nauvari Saree Fashion

4. Nauvari sarees as historical, say records, as it was the epitome of class, elegance and respect, since it covered the shoulders of a woman and maintained her modesty during the peshwa rule.

Nauvari Saree Jewellery

5. In various regions of maharashtra, the nauvari saree stitching and draping is different. Amongst the brahmin class of women, the knee length fashion is popular. Women from kolhapur and satara and even pune wear it till their ankles. If you visit the koli community in maharashtra, the women here wear it as a two piece style. One around the waist and one for the torso, like a dupatta.

Nauvari Saree Bridal

Maharashtrian Nauvari Style

8. The traditional saree is worn without a petticoat, and the centre of the saree sits at the back of the waist of the wearer. The ends of the saree are brought in front and tied, with the two ends wrapping each leg for a trouser look to form. The pallu or the decorative part of the sarees ends are draped across the shoulder.

Maharashtrian Nauvari Saree

9. If you check the nauvari style in goa, you would refer to it as the pano bhaju, which is bright and vibrant in color tones. Some of them have beads and lead loincloths worn with the saree.

Nauvari Saree Styles

10. The koli community calls it the koli drape, and this is popular amongst migrant women from Himachal Pradesh and Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat, and Haryana too. Here the saree is literally cut into two pieces, and hence the nauvari saree collection here much unlike the peshwai nauvari saree is quite a two piece to flaunt.

Koli Drape Nauvari Saree

Amazing right? The nauvari saree bridal ,nauvari saree jewellery and more has a deep and rich history. If you want to learn how to drape the saree right, here is a video.

Have fun!

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