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Fancy Wearing Plaid Shirt With Leggings? Do It In Many Stylish Ways

by Fashionlady
Long Plaid Shirt With Leggings,

Plaid Shirt With Leggings

With the winters now upon us, we would see many PYTs wearing plaids in various forms. And one of the common ways to sport the same would be plaid shirt with leggings. But don’t be boring when you sport the plaid shirt with leggings look, because there are other ways to style up this winter in the same and look a million bucks. From college to office to just about anywhere, we have various styles in plaid shirt with leggings for you to wear and emulate. Check them out!

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Get gorgeous in plaid

Plaid Shirt With Leggings Ideas for Womens

1. Leather Leggings And White Boots

Nothing speaks of a more cutie touch than a pair of white boots or sneakers paired with leather leggings and long sleeved plaid shirts. Off to meet the girls over a cup of warm hot chocolate, and this is the look that would be praised.

Womens Plaid Shirt With Leggings

2. For A Party On A Sunday Noon

If you want to keep the look chilled out, a pair of leggings with a white top and a plaid shirt can work like magic. Pair the look with flats or boots for the cute touch to come through, and you have a makeover done instantly.

Plaid Shirt with Leggings Ideas

3. The Versatile Friday Dressing Number

What we like about the long plaid shirt with leggings look is that you can use its versatile statement at work too, without an eyebrow being raised. As seen, a soft open chested cardigan can be worn over the plaid shirt with a pair of denims or leggings, and low inch heels for the look to come as complete.


How to Wear a Flannel Shirt Girls

4. Wrap On The Plaid Shirt Dress

With a pair of knee length booths in neutral tones and long flannel shirt to wear with leggings, you can be a chic street style diva and make a fashion statement walking into the college doors this winter season. Combine the look with minimal rustic accessories for the hands and you are good to go!

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Flannel Outfit Ideas

5. An Oversized Plaid Shirt

Most petite beauties may or may not get a plaid shirt in their size and are left to wonder if they could ever wear plaids like their sisters? The answer is YES. What you need to do is to wear them long and over the black leggings with heels, which helps accentuate the look and makes you look professional and tall too.’

Flannel and Leggings Outfit

6. Blues To Beat The Monday Blues

Wear blue plaids to work on a Monday and pair the look with black opaque leggings. There isn’t a rule the plaids have to be in reds only, and blues make a sporty effect too. Complete the look with ankle length boot heels and tie your hair professional wise into a tight bun.

How to Wear Flannel Plaid

8. A Stylish Affair

For a party to attend this evening and if you want a semi casual yet chic look to come through, you can wear a black top with black leather leggings, heels for the feet and an open plaid shirt in front to make a mark.

Plaid Shirt Leggings

9. Open Toed Booties And Plaids

Perfect for a date night out, the open toed booties and ripped leggings or denims can be made into a fashion statement, when paired with burgundy toned plaid shirts. No questions asked and the diva look comes through.

Flannel Shirt with Leggings

10. To The Malls

With the shopping season on and in full-swing, the malls would need the fashionistas walk for sure to embrace styles galore. What you could do is to wear a low v neck top with a plaid shirt in checks and a pair of leather leggings, and the look would be fabulous!

Long Flannel Shirt to Wear with Leggings
Do write in and let us know how you would style up flannel shirt with leggings this winter season!

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