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Hijab Makeup Ideas – Pretty and Awesome

by Fashionlady
Hijab Makeup Ideas

Hijab Makeup Idea

Wearing a hijab is all about modesty and simplicity. Though you have to keep your head covered, you need not shy away from doing makeup. After all, what stops you from putting a pop of colour to your makeup since it adds further charm and beauty to your face?

Excess of makeup even in a hijab is pointless. Minimal makeup is the best one. Just focus on your eyes and cheeks since they are the first points of attention. Let’s see how you can look a diva with makeup in a hijab.

Complementary Eye Makeup with Hijab

Let’s start the Hijab Makeup Ideas. When you start with your eye makeup, select a headscarf that would match with your eye colour. A light eye shadow and darker shades of scarf would be ideal. Here are some defining pictures that will show you emphasising makeup when wearing a hijab:

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Hijab Makeup Ideas

1. Green Makeup for Hijab

In this green hijab, the gold colour stands out and complements the green eye shadow. What an electrifying and soothing green it is that would make others go green with envy.

Makeup for Hijab

Source: desert-winds.deviantart.com

2. Magenta Makeup for Hijab

In this magenta-toned eye makeup, how many of us can take off our eyes on it? So magnificently stunning it is, what say?

Magenta Hijab Makeup

Source: m00n-flower.deviantart.com

3. Blue makeup for Hijab

Dark blue is yet another lovely looking trend colour and it goes both for daywear and evening look. For daywear occasion, check out this simple stunning and modest look.

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Blue makeup for Hijab

Source: scanfree.org

4. Makeup Ideas for evening

For the nightwear, the pink lipstick shall make you look the charming Lolita reasonably well.

Hijab Makeup Tips

Source: scanfree.org

Makeup Ideas for Red Hijab

Source: scanfree.org


6. Daytime Makeup Ideas for Hijab

In this heavenly image of a beautiful face dressed in hijab (which can be worn during the day time), the colour contrasts of hijab have to be warm and soft to give a modest and fresh look.

Hijab makeup for women

Source: scanfree.org

7. Hijab Makeup tips for daily & evening wear

This Light Pink makeup is suitable for daily or evening wear. What a simple looking and classy look it is.

Makeup tips for Hijab

Source: scanfree.org

Complementary Lip Makeup with Hijab

Makeup on cheeks and chin are important but are kind of incomplete without a pretty lipstick shade.

Remember, pouting a good shade on your lips makes you stand out of the crowd by enhancing your lips. Bright reds and pink shades are perfect colours for the lips when in a hijab. Make it a point to match your lip shade with the colour of your hijab. But for heaven sake, don’t overdo your makeup application. Keep it light and to the minimum so that it doesn’t look loud and shoddy. The technique is to make the hijab and lips stand out in the same measure.

Lip makeup with hijab

Source: outfittrends.com

Simple Makeup Tips

Doing contemporary makeup with hijab is a must in keeping with the fashion needs. But try and avoid excess of glittering makeup in order to keep it away from looking loud. Wear light gold shades to look glowing fresh. If you want to exude natural look, then go about wearing nude shades. For occasions such as a heavy wedding, you can use shiny glittering shades for makeup.

Hijab makeup natural

Source: outfittrends.com

Another important thing while doing makeup is to choose a hijab style that goes with your face shape. Persian and Turkish styles are quite modern and trendy. See to it that you dress up well so that your overall style doesn’t fade away. A cool pair of sandals or high heels adds the finishing touch to your makeup when wearing a hijab. Long dresses look nice and appealing with a high tied hijab and long heels. Once you have selected your outfit, choose a similar eye shadow shade to emphasize on your features. Make sure not to go overboard with your makeup.

Let us know how you looked after doing makeup in a hijab.

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