How To Create Messy Curls In The Simplest Way


This tutorial features how to create messy curls while sitting at home. Inhibited wild curls are gorgeous. You can simply keep up with it using these tricks shown in the video. You will need a curling iron, teasing brush and hair spray to pull the messy curls. Lastly, let your hair fall off naturally for your curls to come out looking fabulous.

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Part your hair into small sections before you set off to curl your hair. Finish off with a hair spray. Toss and flip your hair to add a bouncy messy look.


Check out the video for more and read on for step by step instructions on how to get messy curls.

Step 1

Start by taking a section of hair from the front of your head and pin it up using a hair clip.

Step 2

The next step in how to do messy curls is to use a good hair mist and just spray it over your hair.

Step 3

Bring out your curler and start curling small sections of your hair one by one. Once you are done, take out few sections of hair from the pinned up hair and repeat the process until you have curled up all the hair.

Step 4

Use a translucent dry shampoo and then use a small comb to tease some of those curls.

Step 5

Whether you want messy curls for medium hair or long hair, don’t forget the final step of using a hairspray to keep all those messy curls in place.

You don’t necessarily need a curler. You can get messy curls with a straightener too. One way to use a straightener to get messy curls would be to first braid your hair and then run the straightener over it a couple of times to get those beautiful messy curls.

Enjoy watching.


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