How to Deal With Sticky Skin This Summer


How to Deal With Sticky Skin This Summer
Summers have it in them to make us fret out in the heat. With hot breeze hitting our face as we go to work, imagine the terrible loss of sheen and shine that haunts our skin. Starting from our forehead to the oily patches near our chin and nose, everything looks dull and yucky in the hot hotter hottest months. Since our skin is known to produce natural oil, it can get quite difficult to avoid clogged pores and skin breakouts. Here are some tips to fight out the oily skin that will be like a chill-pill.

Avoid scrubbing hard

Our skin is known to produce oil as there are oil glands to fight out skin irritations. When we end up scrubbing our oily skin, we end up stimulating the oil glands. This further leads to sticky and complicated skin. So try and avoid it and use gentle skin cleansers that don’t irritate the skin.

Sticky Skin This Summer

Frequent face wash No-No

First and foremost, wash your face the right way. By all means, do it twice a day to get rid of oil and grime. But when you wash it more frequently, it could lead to more of oil production. A good alternative is to use a cleanser that has salicylic acid, at night. This will help remove dead cells that cause clogging of skin pores. If you find your skin getting a bit dry, use cleanser once a week only.

How to Deal With Sticky Skin Summer

Fight out temptations

Our hands, face and feet happen to be some of the oiliest places as far as our body goes. Now each time we touch our face with hands, we end up transferring oil to places prone to oil buildup. Therefore, keep your hands away from face. This will help reduce oil transfer.

Deal With Sticky Skin in This Summer

Get rid of make-up

Having makeup on face is good but considering everyday humidity, dirt and grime you know what your skin is uptho. So avoid too much of artificial makeup on face. It will give your face a fresh breath of joy.


Get rid of make up

Cleanse and exfoliate

Just like we take a bath, religiously each day, we need to cleanse and exfoliate our face on a daily basis too. Use a good cleanser more than once a day and also exfoliate once a week. After all, your skin needs to get rid of the skin impurities if unwanted eruptions are to be kept at bay.

Deal with Sticky Skin This Summer

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Skin Toning

Toner is of most use in sticky summer weather. Use a quality toner once a day which will help close the dirt-accumulated skin pores. This will keep skin infections at a distance and will keep a check on excess and unwanted oil being produced by your skin. The best part about skin toning is that it will keep a check on pH balance which is a must watch in humid weather.

Skin Toning

Use Steam

Our sensitive skin is always in need of deep cleansing. For this, you need not run to beauty parlours. When at home, use steam to open up your skin pores. This will allow the dirt trapped inside to come to the surface. Go about doing it once or twice a week for about 10 to 15 minutes if you want your skin to come out free from dirt and grime. When you have finished doing this, rub a piece of ice all over your skin in order to close the pores and then use a moisturiser towards the end.

this Summer deals with sticky skin

Surely there are reasons to enjoy summer now once you apply the above formulas. Happy facing the sun!


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