How To Get Longer Lashes In 3 Days


They say, eyes are the windows to your soul. And within the eyes are the eye lashes that draw upon a lot of attention. Leaving aside the shape and color of your eyes, long eyelashes are favored by all. It adds an element of mystery and attraction to your eyes. Often we use fake eyelashes to attain the perfect kind of lashes. We do not leave the house without coating our lashes with tons of mascara. Ever wondered if there is a permanent solution to get longer lashes? Yes we do offer you the answer to this problem. With this solution, you will be able to achieve longer lashes in just three days. All in all we have a natural solution to this.


You will need just two basic ingredients for this:

1 tsp almond oil
1tsp honey

This is the simplest remedy ever. Do try it and we are sure you’ll love it.

Here are some products that help you get longer lashes:

Lashfood is said to be a natural conditioner for eyelashes.

Lilash and Latisse are other great products for eye lash growth.


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