How to Make a Facial Mask with Avocado

Looks like avocado tutorials will never stop trending. Just few days back, pictures of Miley Cyrus with avocado face mask surfaced on the net. Knowing its working results, we are not surprised. Avocado helps hydrate your skin, minimizes those visible pores, and reduces signs of ageing along with other skin problems. You should not give this one a miss either as this facial mask made out of avocado works so well. Watch the video to see visible results. All the more, it will help tighten your face. What more can you ask for?

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Apart from the avocado, you will need one tsp of honey and two tsp of warm water to mix in the paste. Use a ripe avocado so that you will be able to mash it better. Mix all the ingredients together to form a smooth paste. Apply all over your face to unmask a never before experienced radiant and smooth skin.

So hurry up and make this facial mask to get visible glowing skin.

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