How To Make Rice Water To Repair Damaged Hair


Do you know rice water can be beneficial for your hair as much as it helps your skin? Long time back in Asian countries, women used rice water as part of their daily beauty ritual. The rice water helps in detangling the hair and keeps it strong. For this process, you can make use of organic rice but just in case do not have it in stock; you can make use of the normal rice. In case you are using the latter, then you must be sure to rinse it all out well.

The use of fermented rice can help nourish your hair. Here in the tutorial, you can learn how to make fermented rice plus how to use it.


Leave the soaked rice overnight or for 24 hours as shown in the video. Unlike the video, you can transfer the mixture into an empty hair spray container instead of using the basin as shown. That way, you can be able to spray it onto your hair and let it spread out evenly.

Hope this tutorial helps.


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