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How To Nail The Print On Print Look With Élan!

by Fashionlady
Print On Print

Print On Print

Long time ago when the fashion world wasn’t as quirky as it is now, print on print was considered a taboo. After all, how can you have so many print on print clothes! You will end up looking like you are from a completely different world! Fortunately, many people started actually asking what is this print on print trend and why are so many fashion designers so keen on using this?

Turns out, print on print is actually a big trend now and if you don’t get into the bandwagon, you will be left behind!

In this article we will give you some tips to ace the print on print look:

Tips To Ace The Print On Print Look

The biggest misconception that someone can have is that the prints do not look good on prints. Actually prints are something which looks good on anything. Prints are mixable with any darn thing and you have to remove that misconception to move forward with the print design.

Tips To Ace The Print On Print Look

Source: glamradar.com

Match Colours, Not The Prints

The main idea about print on print is to match the colours and not the prints. So anytime you want to match different prints just think that the main guideline is to match the colours. The easiest way to understand what colours goes with what, just follow this colour guideline:

What Is The Print On Print Trend

Source: sydnestyle.com

The colour wheel above will give you a fair idea about complimentary colours. See we made your work so much easier!

Understand The Concept Of Prints On Different Body Types

The cardinal rule of print on print is to understand that all kinds of prints don’t look good on every body type. So if you are a broader woman, different types of prints might not look good on you. So if you are planning to wear a floral print dress, keep your eye out for smaller floral prints. Bigger floral prints may end up looking even broader on you!

Types Of Prints

Source: glamradar.com


Go For Simpler Prints

Like always, you have to understand that simpler prints are always easier to mix. So, if you have the black and white prints, be assured that you won’t need to think much. They will go well with neutral prints. Graphic prints are also easier to mix with other prints and they go great with any complex prints too. As we mentioned above, thin of colours and not the prints to make your matching game strong. The colour wheel is an excellent way to understand the colours which match well with each other.

Black And White Print Dresses

Source: pinterest.com

Textures, Ikats, Tribal Prints- All Can Go a Long Way!

The rule in print matching is to go for prints which look good. Depending on the current trend, look for prints which are being worn in the fashion world too. Once you have established the trend, buy the ones you would be most comfortable buying- Simple as that. Right now, tribal prints are a rage everywhere, so concentrate on buying these prints and matching them with colours on the wheel or some solid colours. The key is to look confident!

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Tribal Print On Prints

Source: danamasting.com

Solids Go All The Way

If you are not too confident about the print on print look, the last resort would be to match prints with solid colours. Again, the key to finding the right colour for your solid would be to refer to the colour chart! It will tell you what colours will match well. Also, if you are down with the colours, and you think your look is a little plain, you can match it with some accessories of your choice.

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