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My Ears Won’t Pop? Learn How To Pop Your Ears

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How To Pop Your Ears

What to Do When Your Ears Wont Pop

The problem of clogged ears can get to an annoying level of discomfort. So, the need to unclog them or pop them is the next immediate thought on our minds. This clogging also causes our hearing to be muffled.

Popping your ears isn’t a daunting task, and instead is quite the opposite with just the movement of a few muscles in the mouth. Although this isn’t the case always, there are more techniques you will get to know on reading further, that would aid in popping your ears.

Why Ears get popped? (Causes)

There are a number of causes that lead to clogged ears, namely:

  1. Surrounding Air Pressure
  1. Ear Infection
  1. Earwax Buildup
  1. Sinus

These are just a few main causes due to why ears get blocked. There are many other causes and every cause except the air pressure cause requires a bit of medical help. While most ear blocks are due to the air pressure around, the following techniques could come handy.

How to Unpop your Ears Fast

1. Swallow

Yes, it’s as simple as a swallowing action. Close your mouth and try to swallow a multiple number of times until your ears get popped.

2. Yawn

Yawning helps in opening up the Eustachian tube. So yawn as much as you can and as wide as you can to pop your ears. Even if you cannot yawn, try to fake a yawn. Open your mouth wide and breathe in & out, until your ears are popped.

3. Chewing Gum

Chewing gum helps in activating a response that opens the Eustachian tube that connects the middle ear to the back of your nose. It works in the same way as a swallowing action, although you’re just chewing on the gum.

4. Drink Water

Drink a large amount of water continuously, trying to gulp it down. This helps in relieving the pressure created in the ear drums. Eventually, the ears will pop as you are drinking the water.

Drinking Water To Unpop Your Ear

5. Blow Your Nose

The pressure created while blowing your nose can help in unblocking the ears. Blow a little hard, not too hard in order to free up the passage and open up the tube causing the block. Well, of course, if there’s nothing to blow, instead of forcing it on too much, use another remedy.

6. Use Finger to Unpop

When the cause of clogged ears is water, this remedy works well. Bend over at your waist making sure your clogged ear is parallel to the floor, and create pressure with the pad of your finger on the ear. This will help the water to flow out and the ear to be popped.

Use Finger to Unpop

7. Nasal Spray

Like they say, all the 5 senses are linked to one another. So, some nasal drops could be given in with a hard sniff into your nose, so you could feel it at the back of your nose. This needs to be done in an angle perpendicular to the body and results in opening up the Eustachian tube.

8. Ear Drops

The ear drops medication, of course, works well in allowing the clog or block to clear out in the ears. Don’t use prolonged medication though without consulting the doctor, if the ear block still doesn’t clear out.

Use Ear Drops for Clog or Block to Clear Out

9. Hot Water Shower

The hot water shower helps in soothing the head and other pains and eventually tries to unclog the ear. A proper hot water shower from head to toe could do the trick.

10. Flush your sinuses regularly

Flushing out your sinuses can be done in various ways. A steam sorts, i.e. a neti pot with warm salt water is the most effective trick and aids in getting rid of the sinuses for that period of time. Sinus could be a cause of clogged ears, and therefore flushing them out really helps.

Olive Oil for Pop Ears

3. Alcohol and Vinegar

Alcohol and Vinegar mixture is known to be the best way to remove ear wax safely from the ears. This mixture softens the ear wax and lets it ooze it on its own. This method of flushing the ear is effective and shakes out the wax.

Home Remedies for Clogged Ears

4. Eat Spicy

Eating something that is beyond the spice limit you usually eat which can make the mucus lining loose and flowing. Blow your nose soon after this, only to see a relief in the clogging of ears too.

5. Craniosacral therapy

This therapy can help people with ear infections or further prevention by improving the shape of the Eustachian tube. As the shape of the tube improves, substances can flow more freely through the tube.

6. Gargle

Gargling with lukewarm salt water solution can help in easing the nasal congestion and also pop ears. The gargling needs to be done repeatedly until you feel the ears beginning to eat out.

Salt Water Gargle To UnPop Ear

How to unblock ears after flight

As said above, the techniques could be put into use. Although, the easiest way to unblock your ears after a flight would be to yawn or swallow. Either of them works in clearing the Eustachian tube and giving relief. This being the easiest way to unblock ears is most commonly done by people who suffer from the annoying ear block.

How to pop your ears when you have a cold

The same techniques lie for every ear block unless it doesn’t seem to work. Then a doctor’s help is most needed. So, when you have a cold, a small clog in your ear could reduce the hearing capacity and this can be unusual if not tried to pop soon.

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