How To Use Highlighters To Make Colorful Nail Art


The reason why we love DIY’s is because there are so many alternatives and tricks involved. Again, this is a fabulous nail art routine and a sparkling one. Nail art forms have been introduced to different designs or variations, and this one is no different. You will need a dozen of gel markers or highlighters. Remember the more, the merrier.

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What You Need:

  • Peel off nail paint
  • Glitter Nail Paint
  • Highlighters


Use a peel off nail paint as you will be using a lot of glitter. You do not want to end up having glitter all over for you. Use the highlighters and draw over your nails creating the design you want. We could also try the gradient designs used in the tutorial as well.

Enjoy watching this tutorial on how to use highlighters to make colorful nail art.