If You Want To Become Miss India, Visit Elan 2016!


IIT Hyderabad Elan 2016

Yes, you heard us right. The road to becoming the most celebrated model and is via Elan 2016, the most awaited cultural festival of IIT Hyderabad.

29th – 31st January, 2016 are the dates and if you want to pursue your dream to become a famous model and a star, then Elan 2016 ‘Campus Princess Auditions’ are a must to attend.

Winning this means you get a direct entry to participate in Miss Femina 2016! Hard to believe, right? But yes. That’s the case here.

IIT Hyderabad Elan 2016
Source: facebook.com/elan.iithyderabad


Apart from this fantastic opportunity, we also have the comic quiz, sports quiz, group dance, science quiz, RJ hunt and a lot more.

So, if you want to experience this and more, then you know you will have to join us at IIT Hyderabad. Don’t think much. Just walk in and have a time of your life here.