IIJW 2015 Day 2 Was Magnificent!!


IIJW 2015 Day 2

After getting killed by the display of jewellery designs on the Day 1 of the India International Jewellery Week, we thought that the storm had passed and now, everything would be calm. We guess that was plain foolish of us to not expect brilliance on the second day of IIJW 2015.

Once again a total of 6 shows were organised on the IIJW 2015 day 2 and one after the other, each of them simply, blew our mind.

In case you missed what happened on Day 1. You can read all about it here

Here’s how the show started and ended.

  1. Surya Golds in association with Swarosvski Gemstones
  2. IIGJ – Delhi (Anushka Singhal, Cherry Sahni, Rachna Gupta, Rahul Luthra)
  3. Aara by Avantika and Dhruv Singh presented by GJTCI – GDK
  4. IIGJ – Jaipur presented by Sunjewels Pvt. Ltd.
  5. Varuna D Jani
  6. Gitanjali Gems Ltd.

Let’s start the break down!!

1. Surya Golds in association with Swarosvki Gemstones

There are times when you feel like playing dress up. That’s when you turn to Surya Golds and pick up pieces from their collection. From emeralds to rubies to everything else, they made a powerful presentation! Their showstopper, Soha Ali Khan looked beautiful in one of their pieces and all we could do was clap in wonder!

Here’s what they presented –

Sapphire!! B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!

Surya Golds in association with Swarosvki Gemstones
Source: iijw.org

A touch of coral never harmed anyone, right?

Day 2 of IIJW 2015 with Surya golds
Source: iijw.org

And here’s the brilliant peacock deisgn!

Surya Golds with Swarovski Gemstones IIJW 2015 day 2
Source: iijw.org

Can we all please stand up for Soha Ali Khan – The undisputed royal!

Soha Ali Khan show stopper for Swarosvki
Source: iijw.org


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