IIJW 2015 Day 2 Was Magnificent!!

2. IIGJ – Delhi (Anushka Singhal, Cherry Sahni, Rachna Gupta, Rahul Luthra)

While the IIJW day 1 started off with IIGJ class of Mumbai, IIGJ class of Delhi was not far behind and gave the audience a fantastic show on the Day 2. Four students came together and presented an array of designs which simply blew our minds.

Can we have a virtual round of applause for Anushka Singhal, Cherry Sahni, Rachna Gupta and Rahul Luthra, please?

Who said you can’t go boho with fine jewellery?

IIGJ- Delhi

Source: iijw.org

Nothing beats statement pieces!

IIGJ- Delhi collection at- IIJW 2015 Day 2

Source: iijw.org

After all, diamonds are a girls best friend!

IIGJ diamonds

Source: iijw.org

So Cleopatra-esque!


Source: iijw.org

We need this beautiful statement layered necklace!!

IIGJ necklace

Source: iijw.org

Here’s making a statement in Gold

iigj delhi

Source: iijw.org

And here’s plain, simple yet beautiful!

simple necklace IIJW 2015 Day 2

Source: iijw.org

Well, Kamya Punjabi killed it!! Don’t you think?

Kamya Punjabi at IIJW 2015 Day 2

Source: iijw.org

And so did Aditi Arya

Source: iijw.org

Source: iijw.org

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