IIJW 2015 Day 2 Was Magnificent!!


5. Varuna D Jani

Varuna D Jani’s collection at the IIJW was the fifth presentation of the day. You’d think that after watching 4 shows, the fifth one would get boring, right? Allow me to tell you, it was anything BUT boring! Her collection titled VOW Modular Jewellery was an extension of her previous designs VOW – Very Own Wish and was every bride’s dream come true! Her models were all dressed in black and white and looked simply gorgeous!!

Varuna- D Jan collection at IIJW
Source: iijw.org

Take a look

Models displaying stunning diamond and emerald jewellery

Varuna D Jani emerald jewellery
Source: iijw.org

If you are a fan of layered necklaces, this is the one for you

Varuna D Jani necklaces at iijw
Source: iijw.org

What’s bridal collection without some red rubies?

Varuna D Jani bridal collection
Source: iijw.org


And here’s the showstopper!- She literally stopped the show guys!

Varuna D Jani at iijw
Source: iijw.org


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