IIJW 2015 Day 2 Was Magnificent!!


6. Gitanjali Gems Ltd.

While Gitanjali Gems opened the day 1 of IIJW with their fantastic designs, they opted to close the day 2 of the India International Jewellery Week. And they did it with a bang!!

Hrishitaa Bhatt stopped the show with this beautiful neckpiece-

Gitanjali Gems at iijw 2015
Source: iijw.org

Here’s some beauty, guys!

Gitanjali gems ltd
Source: iijw.org

We loved this – did you guys?

Gitanjali gems at iijw
Source: iijw.org

We love diamondssss!

Gitanjali diamonds
Source: iijw.org

#FanGirlSigh! We loved every bit of it! What about you guys?


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