Is The Anamika Khanna Anarkali Deepika Padukone’s Lucky Outfit? Read to Figure It Out!

Is The Anamika Khanna Anarkali Deepika Padukone’s Lucky Outfit

Fashion faceoffs have always been about two celebrities wearing a similar style of outfit or the same label in different shades. But it brings great delight to see our favorite stars repeating their outfits for their most important events.

It shows the celeb’s liking for the designer’s collection and we believe you have gathered by now whom we are addressing. Yes! It’s Deepika Padukone!

After all the wait and surpassing all the controversy, Padmavaat screening took place to which Deepika Padukone attended looking absolutely angelic.

Wearing a white Anamika Khanna Anarkali, she looked celestial and picturesque. With traditional looking jewelry and shimmering juttis, the diva rounded off her style.

Deepika Padukone in Anamika Khanna Anarkali again

The diva was previously spotted in the same outfit at the screening of Chennai Express. Looks like she chose to don the same outfit for her visit to Siddhi Vinayak temple earlier in the day.

Deepika Padukone in Anamika Khanna Anarkali again

Is it the thought of good luck that the outfit brings or is it her favorite choice? Whatever may be the reason, she was absolutely graceful and stunning on both the occasions in the white Anarkali.

We wish her loads of luck for the success of her Padmavaat film.

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