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Italian Fashion On Indian Streets For Chic Summer Street Style

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what to wear in Italy

Italian Fashion

Talking about Italian fashion, the one thing very prominent that we see with Italian women is their natural sense of being beautiful. No high-end clothing and no loud makeup, no exaggerated hair and no wearing plenty of heels or carrying too many accessories. Italian women flaunting Italian fashion during the summer months can teach us a lot about being minimal and seductive at the same time. No wonder, men around the world want to date Italian women, and we now know why- blame it on the beauty of Italian fashion.

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What To Wear In Italy

The old adage says “when in Rome do as the Romans do”, but here we would say “When in Italy, dress like the ITALIANO STREET MAMMA!”

Ways to wear in Italy

Dress Local And Look Super Cool Like The Italian Women

When in Italy or maybe in India and wanting to dress like the Italian women, the aim is to be cool and comfy in whatever you wear. Talking about Italy street style, there is a difference in the way women of the north and the south would usually dress. Here are a couple of looks to check out. Yes the women here and all over the nation are style conscious and choose their clothing with utmost diligence.

fashion tips for italian style

What About The Shoes?

They do wear wedges and heels, but what you would see mostly on their feet would be chic ballerinas and flats, sandals with straps and adorned with floral touches or bling. Italy has plenty of cobblestoned roads which is why it isn’t advisable to wear heels.

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italian style clothes

Those Sexy Tops They Wear

The tops Italian women wear are sexy and pronounced, with taste, class and plenty of skin show. Strapless and off shoulder tops are the norm during the summers, and there are women that wear plenty of tank tops and strappy camisoles too, which are white, creamy, off whites and pinks.

italian style fashion

For The Bottoms

You’d see women wearing shorts and hot pants at the bars and local beaches, or the gym and no where else that much. However, to keep cool while the summer sun is high in Italy, women opt mostly for long dresses, skirts, hippie lehengas, pencil skirts, pants and dark leggings.


italian style fashion tips

Buy Your Accessories

Yes, you need to have plenty of accessories and should know how to mix and match or pair one to the next as well. Neutral toned to very light powdery shades on accessories for the summer styles are a must have in Italy.

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Italy street styles

Some Of The Best Street Wise Italian Style Clothing Featured

1. The best of graphic prints
How to Dress Like an Italian Street Style
2. Neutral toned pleated long skirts
Italian Girl Street Style 3. Sexy rompers with ankle length boots
Italian Street Styles 4. A low V necked long black dress
Famous Italian Fashion 5. Mini skirts with flared sleeved tops

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Glamour of Italian Fashion 6. Ombre clothing with strappy sandals
Italian Style 7. Polka dotted mini skirts with shirts
Street Style Fashion for Italy 8. Off shoulder tops with printed leggings

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italian street style 9. Lacy tops with flared skirts
Street style and fashion 10. Bell bottoms with lacey cropped tops
Italy Street Style 11. Floral tunics to charge up the summer style
best Italian street style fashion 12. Cuffed pants and white shirts with open sandals
How to Dress Italian style 13. Printed maxis and sandals
Best Street Style Fashion 14. Vintage floral dresses
Best Italian fashion 15. Tank tops and dress pants
Italian fashion

So you see, even though the heat wave is there and prominently so in Italy, the Italian women do not bend to the wrath of nature when it comes to fashion. The next time though, we shall give you tips on what to wear and how to style it up on the lines of Italian fashion. Until then, do write in and let us know how you liked our post on italian style fashion tips!

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