Kareena Kapoor Manages To Surprise Us Every Single Time

Kareena Kapoor

It was Karisma Kapoor’s birthday this week, alright. That just spells one thing for us – PARTY!! And we are pretty sure it spelled the same for the Kapoor clan and the Khan clan. Because Bebo is a Khan now.

So, to celebrate Lolo’s 41st birthday, the family hit the streets of London (yeah, London) and had the time of their life! With all the partying and the shopping and bonding, it was well established that they were having a good time.

But do you guys know what caught our attention? Kareena Kapoor’s pout. She’s famous for it and we love her for it. The attitude that comes with the pout is just so sexy!

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Anyway, while posing for the cameras, Ms Kapoor Khan pouted and also taught her step son, Ibrahim Khan how to pout. Isn’t that adorable?!

If you don’t believe us, see for yourself!

Kareena Kapoor with step son Ibrahim

Source: twitter.com

Aren’t they the most adorable mother-son pair?

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