Kate Spade Launches Home and Fitness Collection!!

Kate Spade Home and Fitness Collection

It’s a big, bad and mean world out there. Earlier this year, when we heard that Kate Spade will be shutting shops in the first half of 2015, we were pretty bummed!

If you guys don’t already know, Kate Spade is our go to brand when it comes to affordable (with a little bit of wise saving) and worth-it-kinda designer bags and watches. Hearing about them closing stores was just so disappointing!

We mean, have you looked at their watches?

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Here, take a look –

Kate Spade Watches

And then, these are their amazing bags!

Kate Spade Bags

Beautiful! Right?

Anyway, for the past 6 months, we have been wallowing in self-pity about the fact that there won’t be any more shops for Kate Spade Saturday. But when we got to know that the house is designing fitness and home collection, all we could think of was…

Shut up and take my money

Source: superbwallpapers.com

The designs of their upcoming fitness and sleepwear are rumoured to be that of cheeky slogans like – eat cake for breakfast, and fun and quirky emojis!

Are you guys excited yet?

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