Kaushal Beauty Recreates Deepika Padukone’s Deewani Mastani Look!

The first time we heard of Kaushal Beauty was when she recreated Deepika Padukone’s IIFA 2014 makeup look. The gorgeous smokey eye with ox-blood lips look was explained in detail to us by Ms. Kaushal. It was that day, when we fell in love with her.

Last week she created Deepika Padukone’s Deewani Mastani look and left us all in awe!

Here’s her tutorial on how easily she managed to re-create Deepika Padukone’s look with such finesses.

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Although she’s used a lot of products, we can now see how they are absolutely necessary. MAC’s strobe cream has been our holy grail and now that Kaushal has just attested her seal of approval on our addiction, we can gladly splurge on another tube!

WOW, right? We knew we loved her for the right reason!

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