Take Fashion Lessons From Kriti Sanon’s Travel Look!

Kriti Sanons Travel Look

The last time we wrote about Kriti Sanon, it was all about her girl-next-door style and how easily she made fashion statements.

When we say fashion statements, we don’t mean those heavy and big fashion statements that get appreciated during couture weeks and are written about in Vogue. We mean real business, alright!

Fashion statements that we can carry as normal people. Fashion statements that we can recreate while in college or at work or while traveling.

Speaking of traveling, here’s what Kriti Sanon wore to the airport while traveling.

Kriti Sanons Airport Outfit

Source: missmalini.com

Easy-breezy, right?

Ripped and tattered boyfriend jeans paired with an As If tee shirt and white canvas shoes. What’s not to love and like?

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She completed her travel style with a brown fringe bag, which carried all her important stuff and sunnies which made her look super casual.

Do you guys like this look? We think we are giving this look a 10/10!

Straight, non-frizzy hair and perfect yet understated makeup with hints of pink finished her look.

What can we say? It’s definitely comfortable and non-fussy!

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