Natural Home Remedies To Increase Vaginal Lubrication

Menopause can induce a lot of hormonal changes in the body. Be it the hot flushes or vaginal dryness, the hormones act differently with age and can be a cause of concern for many women. While most women do not discuss these issues; all these ailments can be treated naturally and one can get the much needed relief they have been looking for.


Discussing vaginal dryness, we have encountered the problem in this article with a healthy and natural approach. Have a look and see how best you can use these remedies.

It Isn’t As Simple As You Thought It To Be:

Lack of vaginal lubrication isn’t as simple as we assumed it to be, not when a coitus is painful you have to bear the pain due to the rigidity and dryness around the vaginal lips.

A very delicate organ as it is, the vagina can suffer damages sans the use of lube during a coitus. The friction can cause the walls of the vagina to rupture, cut and bleed and can lead various diseases and infections, if left untreated too.

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vaginal lubrication


However, all hope is not lost! Here are a few natural home remedies that you could try to make the vagina moist. Learn more!

Before We Tell You How:

Remember ladies, lubrication of the vagina is possible when the glands in the cervix are active. It is from here that the moisture produced by the glands travel way down towards the cervix and enters the canal of the vagina thus the dead cells are removed from the vaginal walls, and the canal is kept clean too.

Your vagina must have enough of lubrication during coitus. This helps bring down the pain and discomfort caused due to the pounding. The Bartholins gland which is near the vaginal opening helps produce extra lube when we women are actively involved. This helps in making the act of coitus more relaxing than a pain.

Home Remedies For Vaginal Lubrication:

  1. Consuming omega 3 fatty acid based foods into your dietis a great to curb vaginal dryness. Raw pumpkin, sunflower seeds, mackerel, tuna or salmon and even sesame seeds too, all these help cure the vaginal dryness issue over time!


  1. Vitamins B and A along with Beta Carotene are best supplements to consume as they have high concentration of essential fatty acids in them that helps with the dryness issue too.
vitamin B


  1. Drinking at least 8-10 glasses of water every day, reducing coffee, alcohol consumption and, aerated drinks as much as possible can reduce vaginal dryness over a period of time.


  1. Herbal cosmetics, soaps and creams should be used while washing the vaginal zone. The pH balance of the area should be intact for the dryness to go away.
herbal cosmetics


  1. Stop douching – Vaginal douching is a NO-NO when dryness attacks.
  1. Olive oil for centuries has been used as the best and the closest remedy to a woman’s vaginal moistening. A teaspoon of olive oil rubbed twice a day around the vagina before bath would be a good option to check with.
olive oil


  1. Brisk walking for half an hour would help keep a check on hormonal activity.
brisk walk


  1. Aroma of fruits help increase blood flow towards the pelvic zone- helps bring down the dryness as well.


  1. Most dairy produce and nuts have L-ARGININE in them; a supplement that adds to the mood of coitus and to brings down vaginal dryness.
diary products


We hope you’ve found these remedies helpful just by reading them – if after trying any of them, you still find the issue persisting, please speak to your gynaecologidt and check for any other underlying issues and causes.

Stay healthy and stay happy!

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