Neha Dhupia Brought In Cool Summer Vibes With Her Style

Neha Dhupia Summer Style

Looks like summer has found its way back into this year. The cold chills have moved aside and the hot waves are kicking in with great force. Stepping out of layers and embracing the Sun in the most fashionable avatar was the Bollywood beauty, Neha Dhupia.

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In a Flyrobe floral print maxi dress with thigh-high slit, she looked refreshed and hot. She chose to shield herself from the scorching heat with a Zara hat and Dior shades in black.

Neha Dhupia in Flyrobe

The white sneaker style footwear was a smart choice to the outfit as well as the weather in play. With a no-makeup look and neatly placed curls, she closed her inspiring summer fashion.

The beauty credits go to Younten Tsomo, who ensured the diva looked natural and gorgeous as always. Gurleen and Sukhmani Gambhir formed the styling team under the name Gumani and rendered their beautiful, creative thoughts on the diva giving us major summer fashion goals.

Hope you enjoyed this summery style!

Images Source: instagram

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