Top Paper Quilling Designs To Decorate Your Home

If you are a paper craft lover, you may have searched the internet for inspiration and seen some awesome paper quilling tutorials. Paper quilling is a hobby for arts & crafts lovers and is introduced a very long time ago.

Quilling designs


Many of you may have asked what is paper quilling and may have wanted to learn the craft too. Here are the deets!

What Is Paper Quilling?

Paper quilling is the art of cutting paper into long thin strips, rolling, and pinching the pieces into several shapes. It is then glued back together to form decorative art. These projects are used for decorating cards, boxes, picture frames, gift bags, and jewellery. Few projects may turn out complex but it can be mastered in an hour or two. This makes it the perfect project for beginners! It is simple for beginners and is cost-friendly.

How Did Paper Quilling Start?

The origins of paper quilling are not known. There are some people who believe that quilling was started in China after the paper invention, while others believe the craft had its origins in the 13th century. It then became popular in the 18th century and became a hobby for the aristocratic women. The art of quilling then spread from Europe to America and was used by American colonists as a decorative method.

Paper quilling popularity resurged once again and has become an art form today.

Supplies Needed For Quilling Designs Tutorial:

Quilling, as mentioned above, is the art of creating complex designs using simple rolled paper shapes. It has made its way in paper crafting, scrapbooking, and card making.

To get started with paper quilling, you will require few basic supplies.

  • Quilling board (sizing cut board)- Since quilling requires rolling paper strips into spirals, a quilling board can ensure correct measurement of any circles on the board. There are some quillers that can make use of straight pins to hold pieces to the board. You can experiment with several designs on the large open space on the right. If you are a beginner and want to start with basic designs, you can get away by creating your own quilling board.
  • The slotted end tool- It is used for rolling paper strips when creating the quilling designs. The slot can allow placing one end of the paper through the tool when making the coil. All the slotted tools can be used with regular weight paper strips. If you decide to use cardstock weight paper, then you may find it difficult to fit the paper into the slot. Next, you can use a slotted tool with a slightly larger opening so that you can work with heavier weight papers.
  • Paper quilling strips- It comes precut in colorful bundles in clear plastic tubes. These paper strips can be cut specifically for quilling. It can be easily rolled, glued, and attached to the designs. You may cut your paper strips using patterned paper or cardstock from your scrapbooking supplies. The cardstock can be difficult to roll, but it can give you designs for use in scrapbooks and greeting cards.
    You can also purchase precut paper designed for quilling online or from local craft store. The benefit of using precut paper is that you will be able to get similar width and also save time
  • Glue- You will need a dot of liquid glue to hold the rolled coiled in place. You may look for glue that has a pen size opening to allow applying the glue directly to the paper strip. You can also add a dot of liquid on a disposable plate and use a toothpick to apply a dot of glue to the paper strip.
  • Toothpick- If your paper is too thick for a slotted tool, you can use a paper piercing tool or simply use a toothpick to roll your paper strips. The toothpick can be used for applying the glue. This tool features a comfort grip with a slotted metal piece at the top to slide your paper strips. You can then twist them into circular shapes. The tool can make it simpler to roll your paper strips.
  • Tweezers- this tool is handy for grasping the trimmed quilled shapes together while applying glue.
  • Needle tool- features a handle with a comfortable grip and has a needle on one end. The tool is used for applying glue to the paper strip ends.
  • Circle sized ruler- the hand tool is a ruler with several sized holes in the middle. You can place your rolled paper coil into a hold for correct measurement.
  • Curling coach- the tool is similar with a circle sized ruler. It can make the job of curling paper simpler. This is especially simpler when used together with the slotted tool.
  • Crimper tool- it adds crimped texture to your paper strips. The crimping can add shape to your quilling design.

Easy Quilling Tutorials To Try Out:

Once you have all the tools ready, check out these easy quilling designs to make your quilling practice easier:

1. Card Quilling Designs

Quilled motifs like flowers and heart can express a cute message for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and other special occasion. The quilling designs for cards can also add a stylish touch.

What you’ll need:

  • 5/8 inch multicolored quilling paper
  • 1/8 inch quilling paper in color of choice
    8 ½ inch paper trimmer
  • Round headed pin slotted quilling tool
  • Fine pointed tweezers
  • Small sharp scissors


  1. Make use of a round headed pin for precisely applying glue. A slotted quilling too can allow you to create coiled shapes easily. Fine-pointed tweezers can be used for creating tiny shapes while small sharp scissors can be used for cutting fringe.
  1. Quilling paper comes in several color and width.
  1. Experiment with basic technique before starting. For creating a loose, tight circle, do not glue. Instead, lay it on a flat surface, and allow it to expand. When you are satisfied with the shape and size, glue the end of the strips.

For creating a loose scroll, create a loose circle, but do not use glue to close.

Easy quilling designs


  1. You can add open heart shapes if you are interested in making quilled heart valentine. For creating open hearts, fold a paper strip in half, and crease. Roll each paper end towards center and glue to the card.
  1. Tight circles are one of the most common quilled shapes, and are mostly used for making quilled frame cards. To make a tight circle, slide paper into slot on the quilling tool.
  1. To complete the circle, turn tool until paper strip is rolled into a firm cylinder. Remove paper from tool, and add glue to complete your circle.
  1. Another common shape is the teardrop used for making quilled frame cards. To create a teardrop, glue a loose circle and pinch one end to form a point.
  1. For designing a frame or border for your card, create a freehand pattern that adds several basic shapes.
  1. Fringed flowers are used for making quilled floral cards. To create a fringed flower, scallop the top of a paper strip, and cut the fringe. Roll entire paper length into a tight circle.
  1. Using your fingers, spread the fringe, and separate into petals. Curl the petal ends outward and downward using tweezers to create desired shape.
  1. Quilled script is used for making scripted cards. You can write a message on your own or create one from the computer. Lay down short strips of quilling paper along the cuves of each letter. Shape the ends using quilling tool, or use scissors to curl the paper. Cut the strips to the correct length. Jot the message onto paper. Glue one letter at a time. Turn the quilling paper and use the tweezers to hold it in place for 15 seconds. Allow glue to set.
Card quilling designs


2. Quilling Paper Jewellery:

You can make an effort for special occasions with an assortment of quilling jewellery. We really love the tutorial listed below. Take a look:

Things you need:

  • Paper quilling tool
  • Quilling paper
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Glue


  1. Select quilling paper according to your color scheme.
  1. Cut the paper strips according to how wide each section of the circle you want.
  1. If you are planning on making quilling designs for earrings then cut the strips in the same length for each pair.
  1. Next take a piece of paper and stick one end to the slot of the tool.
  1. Start twisting the tool so the paper wraps tightly in a circle.
  1. Try wrapping the paper evenly.
  1. Once you reach the end of the strip, add a tiny drop of glue on tip and roll it tight. Hold the paper tightly for 20 seconds.
  1. Then select your next color. Put a tiny drop of glue on one end and glue it to the outside of the circle. Repeat the process with several colors until you form a circle.
  1. Glue the last end of the circle and press for 20 seconds. Then gently pull the whole circle off the quilling tool.
  1. Press each side of the circle several times.
  1. For each piece of jewellery cut a small section and roll it tight.
Quilling designs for earrings


  1. Take the pieces and glue the hoop ring to the top of the piece. Put the tiny loop pieces. Slip the metal loop into the tiny hoop circle using needle nose pliers.
quilling designs for beautiful home


  1. For experiment, you can make a loop by rolling the paper on a wine cork. Add a tiny drop of glue with each rotation.
quilling paper Designs


  1. Then glue a circle onto the top of it and seal it with nail polish.

Other Forms Of Quilling Designs To Inspire You:

Now that you have an idea of how quilling is done, check out these different forms of quilling paper designs that will inspire you to practice and try new patterns:

1. Quilled Candle Holders:

For these modern and fancy quilled candle holders, you need to use battery powered tea-lights. The lighting from the quilled candle holders can make all the difference in your room. We love these dual colored combinations.

Quilled Candle Holders


2. 3D Quilled Jewellery Box:

If you want to move from doing basic tutorial to intricate designs, then you can try making actual jewellery boxes like one. This can also make a great gift box, candy box, keepsake box, and any other purpose you’d want to use it for.

3D Quilled Jewellery Box


3. Quilled Paper Vase:

We absolutely love this colorful quilled paper vase. If your house needs a little decoration, then you can update your space with redecorating ideas. You can copy these stylish décor quilled paper vase to bring your empty space to life. Select vibrant colors that match your taste.

Quilled Paper Vase


4. Floral Quilled Mother’s Day Card:

Mother’s Day is coming up, so how about making a lovely homemade card for your mom? This can make a great thoughtful gift. Check out this homemade card quilled into a beautiful set of swirling blooms.

Floral Quilled Mother’s Day Card


5. Quilled Owl Pendant:

Quilling is more than just creating cards, as you can see! You can also create quilling projects using more than one layer, like this awesome owl pendant here. You can create the base body using a tightly wound coil and add details in the form of other quilled shapes on top.

Quilled Owl Pendants


6. Quilled Wall Art:

Do you have an image in mind, but you cannot exactly paint or sketch it out? Then create the picture with quilling instead. You can also experiment with several shapes, angles, colors, as you go along making the quilled wall art.

Quilled Wall Art


7. Rainbow Quilled Bird Art:

We absolutely love this quilled fish art. Adding this simple décor piece can make a huge difference to your home. You can customize your own creations as you like by changing the colors and bird angles. As this is an intricate design, we suggest you master the basics before proceeding.

Rainbow Quilled Bird Art


Exemplary Quilling Artwork:

Here are few exemplary quilling artwork created by professionals. You will love this.

1. Ayobola Kekere-Ekun:

Quilling expert Ayobola Kekere-Ekun is from Nigeria. Her brilliant take on paper quilling has made her very popular for quilling awesome designs.

Ayobola Kekere-Ekun


2. Alphine Yogurt Advertising Campaign:

This one was created for an outdoor advertising campaign, for a yogurt company.

Alphine Yogurt Advertising Campaign


3. Larni Williams:

Larni Williams from UK is an outstanding paper quilling designer. This image is one of her wonderful creations of quilling typography.

Larni Williams


4. Yulia’s Brodskaya:

Yulia Brodskaya is a Russian artist and has a knack for paper quilling designs. She is one of the most widely recognized paper artists. Her ability to fold and roll bright colored paper can create a visual treat.

This is another artwork by Yulia Brodskaya.

Yulia’s Brodskaya


With this, we summed up this article on everything you need to know about quilling designs. Hope these ideas of quilling inspired you enough to give it a try. So what are you waiting for? Get started and stay inspired to try more designs.

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