Speakers in Glittery Clutches? Take My Money!


Speakers in Glittery Clutches Take My Money!
You know what they say about Music right? “Music is to soul what words are to the mind”. Music can transform you into a mystical land where you can feel what you want to. For example, peppy music gets you tapping your toes while songs with deep lyrics have you reminiscing your past.

Something very similar to music is dance. You can easily dance your pain away and get transported to a land where everything is filled with energy. Dancing pumps up your endorphins, which we all know is directly related to happiness, elation, feelings of joy and all things sugary!

Now with so much discussion about dance and music, you guys must be thinking what’s up with this post. Let us enlighten you then! Our discovery of the month has to be the best thing that we have stumbled upon so far. Stelle Audio wins the internet and walks home with the prize for creativity and innovation at its best with their brilliant go-to speakers.
go-to speakers
Fantastic, aren’t they? Of course they are! Coming in 4 different colours, these God sent speaker clutches come with built in speakerphone for your hand-free calls, have an AUX jack so that you can connect your phone, they are Bluetooth enabled and of course act like go to speakers. And the cherry on top? They have a pretty mirror inside for you to check your make up. People who are frequent party animals NEED to have this in their party stash!


Apart from their gorgeous Alexander McQueen-esque glitter clutches, Stelle Audio also offers a range of different speakers. Audio clutches, as seen below, are just clutches with built in speakers.
Stell audio
Stellé Audio partners with ARKARISE to Bring Fashion Audio Brand to India

Stellé Audio’s products are being sold in leading retail stores around the world. CEO Anna Perelman has a long history in entertainment and has always been a fan of Bollywood, the incredible music created in India and the diverse musical tastes of the people in India.  The introduction of Stellé Audio products into India supports the rich musical heritage, style and beauty of the country while provides stylish personal audio products that will enhance the musical experience.

According to, ARKARISE CEO Sharad Jaiprakash, Stelle Audio products brings a whole new perspective & audio experience to home interiors and design focused women consumers and we strongly believe that it’s a brand with mix of propositions focusing on fashion, advanced audio technology, design and women, which are well timed to take advantage of current market trends in India’s luxury market.

Now, we can listen to music where ever and whenever we want. While sun bathing, or while walking in the park. Thanks to technology. Come to think of it, we are kind of glad we were born in today’s world which is filled with innovation and creativity!



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