Step By Step Tutorial On How To Thread Eyebrows


A quick fix to remove unwanted hair is by threading, especially if it’s for the eyebrows or upper lip. It is one of the most common and inexpensive methods used by almost every woman. Rely on yourself for threading during rush hours rather than let someone else do it for you. This video will show you how to do threading in a step a step tutorial. If you cannot sustain the pain then it is best advised to apply an ice cube before you start the threading.

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Make sure that your face is clean and oil free as it will be difficult to pluck out the hair if your skin is not dry. Start to pluck out the hair from the opposite direction of the hair growth.


If your skin is sensitive then you might be left with red blotches around the eyebrow area. But make sure you apply some cream after the threading and massage the area slowly and gently using your fingertips.
Enjoy watching this video on step by step tutorial on how to thread eyebrows.


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