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Different Ways On How To Use Concealer

by Fashionlady
Use a Concealer

There are several reasons to use a concealer. One of the most common use of concealer is to hide blemishes and marks on the body. But here is a shocking revealer. Concealers can be used for various beauty purposes and works great as a replacement for many beauty products.

If you are wondering on how to use concealer in different ways? Get all the answers you want through this video. Be prepared to get surprised. First let us make a note of the different tools that can be used for applying concealer.

Concealer Tools

There are several tools needed to apply concealer. These tools include brushes, sponges, beauty blenders, and well sometimes, your fingers too. Choose tools or products that are suitable for your skin and serves the purpose effectively. On some occasions, a brush or a blender might not blend out the makeup well. In such scenarios, a clean finger will come to aid in mixing the concealer smoothly. But remember to wash hands before and after the process.

Now let us discuss about the different ways to use concealer.

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1. Cover Redness

Start off makeup ritual by app lying primer. Use the concealer on affected area. Pat on the area you want to cover using a beauty blender. Finish off by applying foundation with a brush. Blend it out well using a beauty sponge. This step will help cover redness.


2. Conceal Dark Circles

You can instantly cover dark circles using a concealer. Apply concealer around the eye area in three dots underneath lower lash line. Connect the dots like a line and carefully blend it out using a beauty blender. Finish off by stroking loose setting powder with the help of brush. Viola! Your dark circles are concealed in no time.

3. Contouring

Contouring was the most sought beauty art these days, don’t you agree? The simple method of contouring involves just the concealer. Yes! It’s unbelievable but that is true. Apply concealer over your cheek bones, neckline and nose, the usual contour feature points. Use a concealer that is three to four shades darker to use as a contour. Blend it out well. The result is near perfect as normal contouring and the steps are way simpler.

4. Highlighting

Can you believe that you can highlight your features using a concealer? Pat concealer all over your face and blend. Use a pink blush to highlight your face further. This trick on how to apply concealer on face can be tried when you heading out for a special event.

5. Define Brows

Defined and clean brows can also be achieved with the use of a concealer. Apply the concealer right above your eyes and on the upper side of the eyebrows. Blend it out. Finish off using a shimmery metallic eye color to brighten eyes. If you are comfortable with a stronger effect, then apply eye liner and mascara.

6. Perfecting Red Lips

For the perfect red lips, follow these steps on how to put on concealer. Use a soft pink lip liner, and then finish off with a red lip gloss. Apply concealer around the outer corner of your lips. Blend it using a brush. Your perfect red lip is ready.

7. Fix Pimples

For concealing pimples, use a green concealer. Choose a concealer that matches your skin tone. Use a clean brush to conceal the pimple and the area around it. Next, make use of a cotton swab to apply a liquid concealer that matches skin tone. This will help camouflage pimples. Blend it well and finish off with setting powder.

8. Hide Puffy Eyes

You can hide puffy eyes with the help of a concealer. Mix eye cream, concealer and highlighter on the back of your hands. Apply this mixture underneath eye area and brow bone. It can instantly help brighten eye area and reduce the puffiness look.

Natural Finish

Most of the time, after applying foundation and concealer, your makeup might end up looking cakey. To avoid this issue, learn this trick on how to make use of concealer in makeup. Split one tissue into two halves. Make use of one thin tissue to avoid product from settling in the crease area. This step will help remove excess oil too.

Try any of these techniques on the area that is most problematic to you. We are sure these quick fixes will save both your time and money. We hope you enjoyed reading through this. Let us know your reviews on it in the section below.

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