This Time It’s All About DIY Thigh High Boots


Thigh high boots are so sexy and we absolutely love them. So, when we saw this tutorial, we were obviously excited to share it to you. The season to wear over-the-knee boots are still on hence you can give this is a shot. Of course it is no-brainer to guess that you need to part with your old boots for this instead of splurging yourself into buying a new one. These styles of boots are chic and sexy.

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To make this thigh high boots, you will need some materials like:

  • Stretch Micro Sweat Fabric
  • A Pair Of Old Ankle Boots
  • Pins


  • Marker Pen
  • Scissors
  • Fabric Glue

The results might vary from the actual video. But again that will totally depend on what fabric you choose to design this over the knee boots.

Hope this helps. Enjoy watching the video and do not forget to share your comments with us.